Reference is made to Kingdom Hearts in the new Mexican pizza commercial of Taco Bell

Kingdom Hearts, the megapopular RPG franchise of Square Enix action, has just been mentioned in the most unexpected place: a new Taco Bell commercial. Yes, the American fast food chain has come out with full strength to promote the return of Mexican pizza in recent days. So much so, in fact, that he created an original song for the element of the menu that directly mentions Sora of the Kingdom Hearts series.

In this new commercial of the Mexican Pizza, a rap was launched to highlight the many desirable qualities of the article. Although most of the letters talked about some of the ingredients found in pizza -like food, a lonely bar that alluded to Kingdom Hearts was also included. Specifically, this line of the song said: “We eat all our request, the key of my heart as Sora.” Although Kingdom Hearts in itself was not mentioned directly by its name, it is clear to what this line was referring to in the brief song.

You can see the complete commercial yourself in the tweet embedded below:

Another Reference To Kingdom Hearts In A Taco Bell Ad

Probably, the funniest part of this whole situation is that shortly after it was discovered that Taco Bell made a reference to Kingdom Hearts and Sora in this announcement, the video game series began to be a trend in social networks. And although Kingdom Hearts is a franchise that often causes a stir on social networks, especially in the light of the announcement of the Kingdom of the Kingdom 4_, this is definitely one of the most unusual cases in which the series of games has had a trend. Some fans joked by saying that this cross between Kingdom Hearts and Taco Bell should continue in corazones of the Kingdom 4. Others noticed that because Sora is now in the “real” world in corazones of the Kingdom 4, he might even meet a Bell taco for himself in the game. None of this is probable to never happen in kh4 but it is still fun to think about it.

What do you think about Kingdom Hearts mentioned in this new Taco Bell commercial? Is this one of the strangest crossovers you can imagine? Let me know your own reaction to all this situation in the comments or you can communicate with me on Twitter at @Mooreman12.