Werder Bremen clarifies the future of Clemens Fritz: Rolle changed

Clemens Fritz remains head of the professional football and scouting department at Werder Bremen.

Almost a week after the Bundesliga promotion, the club announced on Saturday that the former Bremer team captain extended his contract.

Clemens Fritz verlängert bei Werder Bremen
The agreement was expected after returning to the 1st division. Werder did not provide any information about the length of the new contract.

“After the climb, the time had come to finalize the one who was already known,” said the 41-year-old, according to the association.

Fritz has been in Bremen since 2006. Only as a player, after his end of his career in 2017, he was introduced to his tasks at Werder.

“Excellent work” by Clemens Fritz at Werder Bremen

In the past second division season, he was also increasingly mouthpiece for the team in public and thus relieved Werders managing director Frank Baumann.

“In a difficult transfer summer, he did an excellent job and a large part in the compilation of the squad with which we succeeded in returning to the Bundesliga,” said Baumann. “To do this, his role in the team has changed again, he has moved closer to the team and also takes over a more present part in public.”