Hyde on V Rising Alpha Wolf Boss

In V Rising, Alfa-wolf is a white wolf, the carrier of V Blood, whose strength can be obtained by defeating it and drinking his blood. However, the alpha wolf does not give up without a fight. In this leadership of V Rising, we will provide you with all the necessary information about the location of the alpha warrior, recommended equipment, ways to defeat it, as well as the awards and the abilities that you will receive.

Location of the boss V Ring Alpha Wolf

Players can find Alfa Boss-Wolk, going to the Eastern Forest Farbein, relaxing in a wolf lawing.

Moving north from the desecrated cemetery, you will get to the copper mine of the bandits. Then go east of Bandit Copper Mine to get to the wolf law. Here the battle begins immediately as soon as you get to the location and get close to the alpha wolf.

Since some players reported that the alpha-wolf boss did not appear in this place, in this case you should follow the bloody trail heading to the eastern forest to find the right place.

Here is an image showing the exact place where you can find Alpha Wolf Boss.

Recommended equipment to win over Alpha Wolf in V Riding

It is important that the players consider the equipment before going into battle with this boss. We recommend that your equipment level be 16, and you must equip a set of equipment with reinforced bones.


How to win the Alpha Wolf boss in v Riding

Now we will discuss the strategy that you need to accept in order to defeat the alpha warrior. This boss can be a little aggressive and cunning during the battle, so you need to be careful when fighting with him.

Alpha-wolf has three attacks, a bite from close range, a charge and a growl, which leads to a small Ao-Atak.

Your strategy here is to stay at a distance from the alpha warrior and fend off his attacks. You can stay a little away from his bite, and then deliver a response when he stops biting.

To charge the alpha warrior you need to see if the alpha wolf will stop moving. This indicates that the alpha wolf is going to attack. Just leave the road when you see that he is approaching.

After you have dodged, you have a window to spit all your attacks while the wolf is restored.

During the howl, the alpha wolf is charged and glowing red. This changes his attacks and leads to a mini-attack AOE. Just use the same strategy as its bite.

Approximately half the health of Alfa-Volk calls on the wolf minions. They are very weak and can be quickly removed. First take care of them before switching to the alpha warrior again.

awards V Rising Alpha Wolf Boss

Since the alpha-wolf boss is V Blood Carrier, drinking his blood after winning him, you get poets. You can get power Form of the wolf as a reward for the victory over the boss Alfa Volk.