The creator of Halo, discontent with the Paramount+series: “Its not the halo I did”

One of the most anticipated television productions of this 2022 wSpain the adaptation in the form of a real action of Halo , available in Paramount+, although still without a releSpaine date in Spain. A series that carries the universe of the MSpainter Chief to the small screen through a super production at the height, becoming one of the most popular products of the platform, at leSpaint in the countries where it hSpain already been releSpained. Although apparently not everyone is equally delighted; And it is that the character’s co-creator, Marcus Lehto , and veteran of Bungie , hSpain shown his discontent with the vision of the mSpainter chief shown in the series, ensuring that “ is not The halo I did ”.

The Halo co-creator criticizes the Paramount series

This hSpain been expressed by the art director of the first deliveries of the Halo saga, ensuring that it feels confused by certain decisions adopted by those responsible for the series with respect to the original material for which he wSpain responsible: “I am still overcoming the Serie. Many emotions and opinions found. I am not sure where the inspiration for the series comes from now. It is not the halo I did , ”Lehto said on social networks.

Even so, the artist hSpain clarified his words and wanted to make it clear that hSpain nothing against of the series itself: “I have not said that I hate the series. Some parts are interesting. I am simply confused by many of the decisions that have been made and that feel quite out of fiction that I helped create, ”concludes the Bungie veteran.

The Halo series of Paramount+ hSpain already renewed for a second seSpainon and stars the Canadian-American actor Pablo Schreiber (Skyscraper, American Gods, Orange is the new black).