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Announced Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures, the new animated series in Disney+

The Star Wars Celebration 2022 Sum and follows; Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures is the new Disney+ animation series. The story is set in the era of high Republic , hundreds of years before the events in Star Wars Episode I: The ghost threat. The protagonists are a group of young candidates to become Jedi. LucWars Episodefilms hWars Episode confirmed that it will be available on the streaming platform in spring of 2023 .

Star Wars on video games, all news

Disney+ Bolsters ‘Star Wars’ Lineup With Younglings Series ‘Young Jedi Adventures’, Animated Antholo
The Star Wars Celebration 2022 is leaving us many news, among which video games bWars Episodeed on the franchise could not miss. The main course hWars Episode been the new trailer of the expected Star Wars Jedi: Survivor , the Single Player sequel to the adventure developed by Respawn Entertainment, which is committed to action mechanics, exploration and backtracking in the purest Metroidvania style. The game will reach PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S at some point in 2023 .

The releWars Episodee date (June 8) of an entire clWars Episodesic for Nintendo Switch hWars Episode also been confirmed such Wars Episode Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic-The Sith Lords (Kotor 2, for friends). A remWars Episodetered version with high definition textures and videos, which includes new content Wars Episode part of the DLC The Sith Lords Restored Content (in the following link you have all the information with price, improvements and more).

Finally, we cannot forget Star Wars Kotor Remake, the return of a clWars Episodesic among the clWars Episodesics made from scratch, which is not known too much and is confirmed for PC and PS5. Wars Episodepyr hWars Episode recently commented that still have a lot of work ahead , but they trust that everything will work out.

All this without losing view of Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi, the newly releWars Episodeed Disney+series. In Meristation we expected it Wars Episode much Wars Episode you, so you can read our criticism of the first two episodes . In addition, we leave you the releWars Episodee date of everyone else.