Nexons new Pracia Electric, NDC will be released with NDC

Nexon’s new MMORPG and Prasian Electric development know-how will be unveiled through the Nexon Developer Conference (NDC).

With the theme of popularization of siege warfare, Prasian Electric, which is developed by Nexon, was first unveiled under the name of the project ER last year. A new IP-based MMORPG of PC and mobile cross platform is a core content in the one-channel Simry World.

Nexon will give a variety of lectures from NDC in June, from Prasian Electric Game Planning to Visual Art and Programming. Prasian Electric developers will announce the know-how obtained during the large MMORPG production process during the conference period, and many details of the game will be released in the process.

There are six lectures related to Prasian Electric, including one visual art, two programming, and three game planning lectures. Developers will present the game design methodology found in the combat content design process and share various insights from realistic graphics and sophisticated operation.

First of all, as Prasian Electric prepares a siege with a number of bases as a core content, the presentation sessions of game planners who have been struggling in various fields are prepared in order to elaborate combat play and satisfy various users. The lecture ‘War MMORPG’s Core User Classes for Expansion of Core PG’, which will be released on June 9, introduces the characteristics of PVP’s active games, and tells the elements that have been troubled to expand the core user base.

Subsequently, on June 10, the lecture on creating a fun war MMORPG is waiting for light users. In this lecture, light users who are less interested in large-scale wars also offer various strategies to expand their content experience. In addition, ‘Surviving as a Level Designer in a tight requirement’ introduces the journey that has been designed to design and densely design the space so that more careful play can be played in the combat environment in the game.

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In addition, sessions containing developers’ efforts are also revealed in the field of art that visually depicts the worldview of the game and the programming fields that build a technical framework to elaborate the game. First, on June 8, the Prasian Electric Character Development Note Session introduces a series of production processes that develop the concepts of various characters containing the magnificent worldview and narrative of the game and realize it realistically.

The announcement of the programming field ‘Making a wonderful vehicle for Prasian Electric’ conveys a technical process to realize a realistic and lively vehicle in this game, where the role of vehicle is important. Later, on June 10, ‘Let’s sharpen the sense of play of real-time MMORPG’, the know-how that was attempted to overcome the network delay in order to make the play experience more sharp during the real-time war process in Prasian Electric.

Meanwhile, the NDC Art Exhibition will be released at the NDC Art Exhibition, where the works containing the enthusiasm of artists exploring between games and art will be released.

An official of Prasia Electric said, “We are actively participating in the NDC at the development organization level to create a place to share the insights from internally to increase the completeness and quality of the game.” I hope many people will be able to learn more about Prasian Electricity with the presentation session. ”

Nexon Development Zaconus (NDC), which will be 15 times this year, is the largest game industry knowledge sharing platform in Korea. In 2021, which was held online last year, NDC recorded more than 71,000 visitors.