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Street Fighter 6: Evidently big parts of the character

After the official statement a couple of weeks earlier, Capcom supplied the first gameplay scenes from the upcoming fight title Street Fighter 6 in the current State of Play edition.

Right here is the list of personalities that were revealed on the artwork and also in the initial videos. Incidentally, the appearance in Street Fighter 6 does not mean that the corresponding characters will certainly also be usable.

Many of the personalities, which will be component of Street Fighter 6, can be leaked with. The corresponding leakages are based on various artwork as the most current spin-off of the cult series, which are currently doing their rounds through the Internet. As the art work illustrates, we can undoubtedly eagerly anticipate various old colleagues and also one or the various other surprise.

the personalities in the overview


A main declaration from Capcom to the leak is still pending. Street Fighter 6 is situated for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S in development and will be published for a previously not yet discussed day following year.

  • Ryu (confirmed in the trailer).
  • Chun-Li (verified in the trailer).
  • Luke (verified in the trailer).
  • Jamie (validated in the trailer).
  • Li-Fen (in the trailer, feasible usable character).
  • Damnd (the last challenger in the trailer, possible playable character).
  • Kimberly (at the end of the trailer).
  • Mari Za (poster at the start of the trailer).
  • Ken.
  • Cammy.
  • Zangief.
  • Dhalsim.
  • E.Honda.
  • Blanka.
  • Guile.
  • Dee Jay.
  • Rashid.
  • Juri.
  • Ed.
  • Akuma.
  • Lili/lily.
  • JP.
  • A.k.i.
  • Mimi.

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