Alien x Wolf Game! Approach the appeal of the digital version of the popular science fiction horror board game Nemesis: Lockdown! [Play in Digebo! ]

Play in Digebo! Features a digital board game with charm with board game elements, card game elements, and table talk RPG (TRPG) elements. This time, we will deliver the digital version of the popular science fiction horror board game Nemesis: Lockdown .

This work was developed by InterStudio and the early access version was distributed by Awaken Realms on STEAM on June 1, 2022. The original is the standalone extended version of the board game called Nemesis. The title Nemesis is the name of the spaceship. In the board game Nemesis, the players were sleeping in cold sleep, but they woke up due to the breakdown of the spaceship. A corpse was rolling in the room and his belly was broken.

If you hear so far and immediately think ah, the movie Alien has been inspired. The purpose of the players is to repair the spaceship while avoiding the aliens raids somewhere. Or escape with an escape pod (but you may betray someone because there is a capacity).

The players also have a secret purpose card for each. For example, it’s like survive yourself. In that case, you have to betray your friends. There is also a wolf game that will betray the opportunity while working together.

NEMESIS is also a top comprehensive ranking work on the major board game site BGG, and in Japan, Arklite has released a Japanese version (currently sold out). You can play up to 5 people, but you can play al1. Recent large board games are increasing for one person.

Nemesis: LOCKDOWN, which appeared as a standalone expansion of NEMESIS, is the base board game of this work. We performed crowdfunding at Kickstarter and released last year.

In Nemesis: Lockdown, you will move the stage to Mars, not a spacecraft. As the title suggests, the laboratory is locked down, and how to escape (or evacuate to the isolation room). Basic rules, such as aliens who are attacking and friends who do not know when to betray, are following Nemesis, but new gimmicks and game systems have been added.

And this work is a digital game of Nemesis: Lockdown. Although it is a game suitable for multiplayer, as in the board game version, it is possible to play al1. Let’s play what kind of game it is!

grasping the rules by groping!

Since this work is an early access version, there is no in-game tutorial yet. It seems that it will be implemented in the future. At present, only the rules for board games by video are explained. You can also download the board game version of the Rule Book (PDF) on the official website of Awaken Realms. Nemesis has a Japanese version of the Japanese version, so there are several rules explanation sites in Japanese. It is a good idea to see them and understand the basic system.


Although it is a game mode, there are multiplayer online besides solo play. There is also a ranking. Although it was a server list, it was not a matter of time zone, or no one was standing. Let’s go with a solo play for the time being.

Various purposes are randomly given for each play. The purpose on the right is Send a signal and search all rooms , the left side is Send the signal, Get eight knowledge , or All players End the game with an alien’s child . You have to achieve any of these.

Next, the selection of the player character. There is no explanation of the ability. Since there is a time limit for the selection, I chose the right character St. Centtry on the right side of the SF horror game Dead Space.

Game Start. Sentry woke up in a place where he didn’t know where he was in Mars. She can move to that place by clicking the ground. Interactive objects in the room can be highlighted by pressing tab key.

At the bottom right of the screen, there is an icon of Nemesis Wiki, and you can see the help of the game. The information is compact, so it’s a good idea to use it instead of the manual. However, I still want an in-game tutorial.

Search for ## Institute!

At the start of the game, 5 card will be distributed at hand. The card will be gone when used. Other than that, if you move from the room or take action, you have to throw away the card each time (which one to throw away).

If the card is gone, you will not be able to act, turn end. Until the game ends, there is 15 turn . After 15 turns, players who have not escaped or in the isolation room will die. Let’s manage the purpose by then.

M key will display the laboratory map. It’s pretty wide. I do not know what is in each room until I go there (it is possible to check the room in advance due to the card effect). One of the purpose of this time is Send a signal, but it is necessary to search for transmission control room .

Anyway, there is no choice but to find a transmission control room. Let’s move to the next room. When you move in the room, you can choose either Normal Move or Cautious movement . If it is normal movement, you must consume one card, and when you enter the room, you must do dice of noise judgment (described later). Instead of consuming two cards, noise judgment is required for careful movement. This time, let’s move it normal.

Because it is usually a move, when you enter the next room, a dice roll of noise will be performed. The entrance of the room has a number of 1 to 4, respectively, and noise is generated at the same number (aisle) with the same number as the dice.

In addition to the 1st to 4th numbers, dice includes noise in all passages and nothing happens . Unfortunately, noise was generated in all aisles. When noise is generated, noise marker is placed in the passage. When two noise markers in the aisle become , Encounter with Intruder occurs. In other words, aliens will appear.

And if you select Cautious movement, you can put the noise marker in your favorite passage **. Even if you move carefully, there will be noise, but it seems that it will be avoided to have two noise markers.

Battle with Intruder!

Our central, while searching for the room, we are going to go steadily. In this work, you have to consume cards to get items. In the case of multiplayer, you can trade items between friends in the same room, but you also need to consume one card. Anyway, a card is an important game.

You can not only consume cards in actions such as movement, but also use the effect of the card itself. The image card Base Layout is a versatile one that can be checked for two rooms. In this work, movement will generate noise markers, so the risk of searching will increase each time you move. If you use Base Layout, you can grasp two rooms without moving, so you want to use it more and more if you have it.

There are also cards such as repairing rooms and locking room doors with computers, and no Egetsu cards that interfere with other players such as discarding your fellow cards . 。

Central is continuing to explore smoothly. When I entered the room with a noise marker at the 2nd doorway, I got 2 with a dice roll. You have two noise markers . This is…

Sudden movie. Behind the slowly looking back is a huge intruder! It is finally my first encounter. Although it is a board game-based game, it is also elaborate for directing.

Here, you must select either of the first two types of purposes presented. The purpose of the person who was not selected will be removed. There is a time limit for the choice, so there is no time to think slowly. Leave Send a signal & Search for all rooms.

There are four types of intluders: young, growth, complete, and leading body . In addition, boss enemies called Queen also appear in the nest of the intruder. The intruder that appeared this time is perfect. Because it is not a real-time battle, it does not take damage even if you approach. Let’s think slowly about what to do.

Let’s fight because it is a great deal. I have a submachine gun , so I shoot with this. There are four bullets, and the card is consumed every time you shoot. When I shot it, it was easy. If you shoot again, it will be a hit. But the damage is only 1.

The card runs out and turn end. After Player Phase ends, enter Event Phase . Here, processes such as the growth and attacks of the intruder are performed. Apparently it was damaged by the intlue attack.

I don’t want to win, so I escape to the next room. But the intruder has followed. The submachine gun has also been shot, so I have no choice but to escape.

Bleeding damage with an attack from an intluder. At the beginning of each turn, the player receives one minor injury . If minor injury becomes three, it will be severe , and if you are seriously injured or minor injuries in three severe cases, death will occur. It’s been a pretty bad situation.

Although he escaped from the intruder, he could not stop bleeding and finally exhausted. Can I survive in the next play? Please play with your own hands.

Digital board game that can relive the tension of the movie Alien

This work is based on popular board games, and the fun itself is guaranteed before play. This time it was a single play, but in multiplayer, there are also attacks from players besides the intruder. Since we do not know what purpose each player has, we are waiting for a wolf game that will play cooperative play with suspicion.

The game itself is a faithful transplant of board games, but it also includes productions such as inserted movies, making use of the characteristics of digital games. Japanese support is not provided, but there are not so many text itself, so if you can grasp the rules and card effects, there is no problem in playing.

However, at present, because it is an early access, there are some dissatisfaction points, such as lack of optimization and no save functions even though one play is long. Especially the lack of in-game tutorials will be strict for those who do not know the rules of the board game version. These will be improved, so I would like to look forward to future developments.

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