AMD told about Zen 4: IPC growth, performance increase and much more

AMD, as part of the Financial Analyst Day 2022, has shown a roadmap for its processors on Zen 4 and Zen 5. The updated roadmap for 2022-24 not only confirms their approximate release dates, but also recalls the existence of Zen 4C and Zen 5C architectures.

As for Zen 4, the processors on which will be available for the future autumn, AMD reports 8-10% of IPC growth relative to Zen 3, as well as more than 15% of the increase in single-spacecraft.


At the same time, the productivity for the energy of energy in Zen 4 will grow by more than 25%, and the total performance is more than 35% relative to Zen 3. And this is still without 3D V-Cache, the processors with which are also expected, but a little later.