IM Examination: Lynk & CO 01 PHEV

Lots AC 1-phase as much as 3.7 kW.

Electrically on the move: the e-range, the a lot more due speed and also the regular roller stages increase in the city. Manufacturer

Battery lithium ions, 17.6 kWh, which can be used 14.1 kWh.

As well as there is one more special feature: If you wish to get the price of the subscription in a minimum of partly, you can use the sharing feature. It makes it feasible to share the vehicle with other participants of the Lynk area. This functions via the car or an app sharing button in the lorry; The smart device acts as a digital door opener, so an individual handover does not need to be. The owner or customer of the automobile determines the sharing rate, Lynk does not conflict.

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the data of the Lynk & Carbon Monoxide 01 PHEV.

acceleration 0 to 100 km/h 8.0 sec.

The lynk 01 likewise strikes the zeitgeist by not also leaving leather into the cabin, however putting his travelers on seats, whose covers from the vegan recycling material Econyl were woven. And lastly a few words regarding handling: looks well out of and sized, very top quality, the prejudice of the China-Ramsch you swallow down extremely swiftly.

Size 4.54 m.

As he looks: A dealer network in the traditional sense has actually not developed up Lynk, rather the brand name community ought to meet in chic inner city lounges as well as take very first contact with the version of its interest. The new as well as instead hip packaged sales idea mixes up the assumptions of a similarly unusual sales things. In fact, the Lynk 01 personifies an instead timeless Midsize SUV that looks modern and also never house cooking, yet also not particularly innovative. The receptivity of the customers must not be overused.

The so-called CMA style (Compact Modular Architecture) is shared by the 4.54 lengthy Lynk 01 with the Polestar 2 and, most of all, with the Volvo XC40, however, over which it prolongs by eleven centimeters.

System efficiency 192 kW/261 PS.

What he takes in: As with all plug-in hybrids, the conventional consumption worth is inevitably pointless that also uses to the 1.2 l/100 kilometres, which Lynk defines for 01. In hybrid driving procedures, we came to 5.4 l/100 kilometres on an approximately 400-kilometer long mix path from the city, country roadway and motorway, which is still a good worth in view of the high lorry weight of virtually 1.9 loads.

Clear structures: The interior is digitally as much as day, yet additionally promotes usability with different haptic components. Supplier

How he is established up: likewise contemporary as well as without frustrating the driver with too bold devices. The long-term Lynk user will certainly not grieve that it takes something to internalize the food selection navigating. The sharing partner, that only makes use of the 01 for a brief time, would most likely be grateful for even more instant sight.

Standard intake WLTP 1.2 l S/100.

Fuel container 42 l.

vacant weight 1897 kg.

Seats 5.

Nowadays, digital-savvy customers rarely tears the reality that the smartphone tons inductively and also wirelessly makes use of Android Automobile or Apple CarPlay. Other things are pretty great: the CO: Laboratory function, for example, that accepts remarks as well as enhancement demands as voice message and also then forwards them straight to the producer. Or the trip web cam, which made driving and selfies for article. The vehicle sharing button will certainly still be included elsewhere.

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full throttle 210 km/h.

What he uses: a lot. One after the various other: The Lynk 01 conserves the purchaser functioning into tools checklists or taxing back and forth.

variation 1477 ccm.

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Power 132 kW/180 hp at 5500/min.

Trunk 466-1213 L.

What we indicate: With the 01 Lynk makes an effective debut on the German market. The plug-in SUV directs plus gathers with its top quality handling quality, the good driving characteristics, the suitable electric reach, but most importantly with electronic peculiarities as well as the registration version as well as the sharing function. In sight of the opulent complete tools, the cost is additionally a genuine word.

What drives him: In the Lynk 01 discover a 1.5-l-three-cylinder gasoline engine with 132 kW/180 hp as well as a 60 kW/82 hp electrical motor, the system output is 192 kW/261 hp. A lithium-ion battery with 14.1 kWh of net capability takes control of the component of the electrical energy storage space. And the driving levels are handled by a 7-speed double clutch transmission.

By the method, consumers do not have to stress over the ecological bonus: If the Lynk homepage is believed, the auto is supplied 4 to 7 weeks after the order validated.

Power performance class A+.

cyndrical tube 3.

Contaminant basic Euro 6D-ISC-FCM.

As he looks: A dealer network in the traditional sense has not built up Lynk, rather the brand neighborhood must meet in chic inner city lounges and take initial call with the design of its interest. What drives him: In the Lynk 01 find a 1.5-l-three-cylinder fuel engine with 132 kW/180 hp and also a 60 kW/82 hp electrical motor, the system result is 192 kW/261 hp. What he offers: a lot. What it sets you back: 46,000 euros minus 6750 euros net environmental incentive if you acquire the 01. What we mean: With the 01 Lynk makes a successful launching on the German market.

Boat 1800 kg (stopped), 750 kg (uncontrolled).

CO2 discharge 27 g/km.

Max. Torque 160 Nm.

Efficiency 60 kW/82 hp.

elevation 1.69 m.

How he drives: very pleasant. The Lynk 01 is not what you could call a driving dynamic, in this discipline he doesn’t even pursue the gold medal. He sees his calling as a safe, strong and also grown traveling friend, and also he completely meets this arrangement, especially given that it is likewise sufficiently quick as well as powerful. Not only the good sound insulation suggests that there is calming tranquility in the cabin: the Pure program starts simply electrical and also for that reason silent driving, crossbreed arranges an inconspicuous cooperation in between e-and burning engine, particularly in the city, the three-cylinder treats itself After that commonly a break while he has to truly enter the Sport setting. The Lynk can also be dealt with by the city, the well balanced chassis very carefully straightened out scarred asphalt.

permissible total weight 2350 kg.

combustion engine: .

Examination intake 5.4 l/100 kilometres.

electrical motor: .

Crossbreed drive .

_ Ulla Ellmer _.

Alternatively, the Lynk is available as a basic crossbreed (HEV), the three-cylinder after that leaves it at 105 kW/143 hp.

Just how much space he has: The Lynk 01 shares a great feeling of room. It is additionally extremely well in the back, such a midsize SUV likewise wants to be a touring automobile.

Size 1.86 m without, 1.95 m with outside mirrors.

How he bills: single-phase as well as with as much as 3.6 kW, after around four and a half hours the battery is filled once again. DC low-flow store is not feasible.

How far it comes electrically: The projection of the WLTP standard mentions 69, also 81 kilometers in city web traffic. As this remains in technique, generally depends on the atmospheric structure, in reasonably temperature-tempered weather condition there are really around 65 kilometers in it, the levels are approaching freezing, the electrical reserves pertain to an end after 50 kilometers.

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What it costs: 46,000 euros minus 6750 euros internet ecological reward if you get the 01. Yet Lynk mainly propagates the registration. If you pick this, pay 550 euros a month and also get an all-round care free package-related solution, insurance as well as vehicle tax along with 1250 free kilometers each month. Each extra kilometer costs 15 cents, but unused kilometers are transferred to the complying with month. The lovely because of the membership version is additionally canceled in its adaptable runtime-even after a month.

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Insurance coverage Typl courses 18 (KH), 25 (TK), 23 (VK).
Cost 46,000 euros.

Journey cam: This is exactly how Lynk calls the typical installed dash webcam, which additionally snaps selfies. Manufacturer

Drive Plug-in-Hybrid, front-wheel drive, 7 G double-coupling transmission.


Max. Torque 265 Nm at 1500-4000/ min.