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All locations of FFXIV training mannequins

In Final Fantasy XIV, one of the best ways to improve your class skills is to practice rotation on a training mannequin. Since training mannequins do not die, you can repeat the opening and rotation of the body until it becomes your second nature.

Search for training mannequins in Final Fantasy XIV

The Final Fantasy XIV has three main types of training mannequins: Public training mannequins in Open World , Placed in Player Builder and stone, sky, sea Training sites. Below are all the locations of training mannequins, starting from publicly available, in levels.

The location of training mannequins of the 1st level

  • Central raincoat-Bannok (X: 24.0, Y: 19.5) (X: 23.4, Y: 20.5)
  • Midl La Noshea-Farm Summerford (X: 26.2, Y: 17.4)
  • Western tanalalan-crossbar of Scorpio (X: 26.3, Y: 24.7) (X: 26.3, Y: 23.7)
  • Central Highlands of Coertas-the front Belarusian (X: 13.1, Y: 17.1)

The location of training mannequins of the 50th level

  • Central Highlands of Coertas-front Belarusian (X: 13.5, Y: 16.8)
  • Coertas Western Highlands-a falcon nest (X: 31.5, Y: 38.7)
  • Dravanian foothills-tail feather (x: 32.7, y: 24.7)
  • Dravanian internal lands-a quarter of collectors (X: 22.8, Y: 16.7)
  • Pierce of the wolf den (x: 6.5, y: 5.8) (x: 4.5, y: 5.0)

The location of training mannequins 60th level

  • Outskirts-Castrum Oriens (X: 9.9, Y: 11.8)
  • Yansy-Nam (X: 31.0, Y: 16.5)
  • Azima steppe-reunion (X: 34.0, Y: 27.0)

The location of training mannequins of the 70th level

  • Lakes-Poetory port (X: 10.5, Y: 20.5)
  • Ahm Araeng-Mord of Suk (X: 27.6, Y: 14.6)
  • Kolusia-a quiet wave (X: 35.8, Y: 27.0)

Location of training mannequins 80 levels

  • Labyrinthos-Archeon (X: 31.9, Y: 13.3)
  • Tavnair-Yedlimad (X: 23.3, Y: 34.1)
  • Bozzhang Southern Front / Zuredor

The location of training mannequins of the 90th level

  • Ultima Thule-Basic Omicron (X: 30.6, Y: 26.9)


training mannequins for residential premises

You can also place training mannequins in your personal or free corporate housing. Below is a complete list of objects Amazing Mannequin, which are currently available in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. We also listed the way they are available. In addition, all these amazing mannequins are available on the Gil trading platform.

Riviera, amazing mannequin *-180 allies seals
Polyanka that affects the mannequin -180 allied seals
shock mannequin Oasis -180 allied seals
Alpine mannequin *-Created
Eastern amazing mannequin -Created
Strike mannequin of the Old World -300 centurio seals
Faust is striking with mannequin *-Created
Gyr Abanian, Strunting mannequin -Five signs of veterans clan
Crystarium affecting the mannequin -300 bags of nuts
* Tavnair shock mannequin -300 bags of nuts

stone, sky, sea

Stone, Sky, Sea is a training mode in which you can check your DPS to prepare for the contents for eight players, such as raids and extreme tests. You will be given three minutes to fight with a hitting mannequin, the health of which depends on the damage that you must apply during the test or raid that you are simulating. If you can apply enough damage to kill a mannequin, then your damage should be enough to survive in a real battle. Here’s how to unlock the stone, the sky, the sea for each of the additions:

Heaven: * Good adventurer, Dravanian internal lands (X: 18.4, Y: 11.0)
Petrel: Veteran tempered in battles, outskirts (X: 30.0, Y: 11.3)
Bringing a shadow: Unlock: tired Docker, Yulmore (X: 9.2, Y: 9.9) / Place of practice: a guy with a soft face, Holusia (X: 23.8, Y: 37.8)
* EndOlker: To unlock: hardy shining, Radz-At-Khan (X: 12.3 Y: 10.7) / Place of practice: shining with sharp eyes, Tavnair (X: 29.8 Y: 17.2)

Additional guidelines and information on Final Fantasy XIV see. In the section How to unlock the glamorous equipment appointed outfit in the Final Fantasy XIV in the game guides for professionals.