How to survive build a boat behind the treasures every time

The name speaks for itself! The task of Roblox Build a Boat for Treasure is to create the best ship that will safely move you down the river to open a giant chest chest that awaits at the end. However, this is not an easy task! You have to overcome several waves of obstacles that challenge your ingenuity and creativity. As soon as you find out the perfect method, you will survive this treasure every time! Here are several ways to do it.

Build a boat for treasures tips and tricks

how to get more materials

The best way to prepare for the intersection of dangerous waters of the river and get to this treasure is to collect as many materials as possible. Some materials are more valuable than others and can affect your survival. Here are several ways that you can easily get some of them.


Completion quests is one of the best ways to get some of the most valuable materials for free and get a little gold in the process. Some of them can be a little complicated, but they stand for awards, such as oil blocks, balloons and much more! These are mandatory materials for glitches and some of the best designs of boats, and this is a great way to quickly get a lot of gold to buy other materials.


Codes also a great way to get free materials or other awards, such as gold , which simplifies the receipt of parts necessary for your boat. You can find these wonderful Build A Boat codes right here in professional games that are regularly updated. They can give you excellent objects, such as fireworks, which is used for some of the best glitches.


Another way to get materials is to buy chests . These chests are available for purchase with gold , which you can get by performing quests or passing some river stages. Although you may take some time to accumulate on them, various rarity chests contain many valuable materials You will need it for your trip down.

How to build a strong boat

The process of building your boat and its design is perhaps the most important part when it comes to survival all the way to treasures. Many obstacles are on the way; Even some enemies will shoot you with lasers or throw other dangerous objects into you. You will want to prepare your boat for any inconvenience.

Make a strong foundation

You want strong foundation for the design of your boat, because it will keep your boat afloat, even if you come across a stone or an obstacle. Look at strength blocks that you use in the construction menu. The use of these more durable bricks along the edges of the boat is a great idea for protect you from any harmful objects that can threaten your safety.

Buy more building tools

If you want to have the best boat design and foundation, consider the possibility of modernizing your boat. Tools and adding to the collection. These tools will help improve your builds and will allow you to build your plans with more sophisticated details. This may mean the whole difference when it comes to swimming along this dangerous path.

How to avoid obstacles


The only way to get to a chest with treasures at the end of the river is to evade all the obstacles and constantly keep your character safe in the boat. How are you going to do it? Having found out the way to fully control the direction of your boat during navigation.

how to control your boat

To be capable of control your boat is crucial for evasion inobstacles on the river and survives. That is why your assembly will need a special seat that will help you with this, for example, the pilot’s chair. The pilot’s chair * and several similar materials will allow you to control your boat in a special way using conventional walking equipment, such as WASD or arrows, to move the boat to the right and left or up and down. Nevertheless, these are extremely rare objects that can be difficult for beginners, so they may have to show a little more cunning.

how to make a steering wheel glitch

If you do not have the necessary items to control the boat, there are other ways to do this! Some very simple glitches will be also easy to control your boat and only demand you have several specific elements, for example fireworks , loops, or or oil*. Do not worry! These items can be obtained by completing quests or entering several codes. This is how you make this steering glitch:

  • Take a place in the boat
  • Sit on the seat

  • Place the oil or firework block inside your character, gluing them.
  • Jump from the seat (your character should not move)
  • Control the boat using ordinary walking controls

If you make this method correctly, you must have full control of your entire boat, as if you walked your character as usual. Therefore, when you see an obstacle, you can easily go around it or hand it back. This will help you go down the river without destroying the boat!

These are just a few tips and techniques that will help you collect this giant chest with treasures! Let us know if they worked for you or you have other tricks in the sleeve!

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