Fortnite: The NINIo 2022 – All free

In our guide to the Nindo event in Fortnite you can find out:

  • How you register with The Nindo 2022
  • Which free items you can get
  • What challenges await you

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The Nindo 2022: How to register

The Naruto Fortnite collaboration is going into a new round with The Nindo 2022. To take part in the event, you have to register on the official Nindo website with your EPIC-Games account. Only then will the challenges that you can use to earn the free items.

How long goes The Nindo 2022?

You have up to the 8. July 2022 at 5:59 a.m. time to master all Nindo challenges.

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The Nindo 2022: All challenges & rewards

Four paths await you during The Nindo 2022 , each with one challenge . If you create a challenge, you will receive a badge. You can also complete the challenges several times to unlock additional rewards.

If you do five challenges on a path and get five badges, you will be rewarded with 20,000 XP. Through the four paths you can earn a total of 80,000 XP during the event .

All badges

away from Itachi :

  • Pro 5 match ends among the best 6 you get a badge.

away from Gaara :

  • Per 24 survived storm phases you get a badge.

away from Hinata :

  • You get a badge per 20 prisoners.

away from Orochimaru :

  • Pro 18 eliminations get a badge.

Attention : You can only earn the badges in Battle Royale or Zero. All other game modes in Fortnite do not count.

All rewards: free items

The following six free items from the Naruto universe can be earned at The Nindo 2022:

  • Emoticon shocked Itachi: receives a badge in the Itachi path.
  • Emoticon concentrated Gaara: receives a badge in the Gaara path.
  • Emoticon Byakugan-Hinata: receives a badge in the Hinata path.
  • Emoticon Orochimarus grin: receives a badge in the Orochimaru path.
  • Painting Akatsuki: Own ten any badge.
  • Hang guide Manda: Complete all four paths.

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