Mega Drive Mini 2 2nd title released. Bona Stitle will also release Star Mobile and Cyber Stick

Sega announced the second title of the home game console Mega Drive Mini 2 on June 24. More than 50 titles are scheduled for this product, and 11 of them will be released in the first announcement of the other day. And another 11 titles were shown this time.

Mega Drive Mini 2 is a mini-hardware following Mega Drive Mini. The Mega Drive 2 housing released in 1993 is reproduced in a mini size, connecting to a TV with an HDMI cable, and enjoying a built-in mega-live game. The feature is that titles for mega CDs are also included.

* The announcement was made through the broadcast of Famitsu LIVE.

The second recorded title announced this time is as follows. The Mega Drive version of Star Mobile was not actually released, but the development was completed at that time. Therefore, it will be recorded as a bona starter this time. In addition, the bona stale in the first announcement has decided to record the Fantasy Zone.

・ Outrun
・ Afterburner II
・ Night striker
・ Ninja Warriors
・ Star blade
・ Splatter House Part2
・ Nadia in the mystery of the mystery

・ Mega panel
・ Ichidant Earl
・ Columns III showdown! Column Sworld
・ Star mobil

  • Introduction video of the first recorded title