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How to register in global preliminary registration Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is a role-playing world from Hotta Studio, made in the style of science fiction, inspired by anime, which looks like Genshin Impact. You can play it alone or with friends, and there is also a deep system of creating characters. Explore the world of AIDA, participating in epic battles, finding delightful locations and much more after the exit. Although there is no official release date yet, you can pre-register for Tower of Fantasy now.

How to register in global preliminary registration Tower of Fantasy

To pre-register in Tower of Fantasy, you can visit the official website of Tower of Fantasy. website or do it on your mobile device . Here’s how to register in the global pre-registration of Tower of Fantasy:

  • Find Tower of Fantasy in the IOS or Android application store.
  • Click on the tower of fantasies.
  • Touch the Preliminary Registration.

As soon as you do this, everything will be ready for the global launch of Tower of Fantasy. As soon as the game becomes available, you can configure it for automatic download or do it yourself on the day of starting. You can also register by e-mail on the same page to pre-register and get bonuses.

All awards for preliminary registration Tower of Fantasy

If you are interested in the Tower of Fantasy game in the Action-RPG genre with the open world, you should register absolutely . Hotta Studio announced preliminary registration goals , which will be unlocked as the steps of pre-registration passes. Having issued preliminary registration in Tower of Fantasy, you will help to unlock these goals. Here are awards for preliminary registration at Tower of Fantasy:

500 000 players *: Astra Frame X1, Black Nucleus X2, whole grain bread X10, gold x2888.
1 million players: limited name X1, Black Nucleus X3, Fried Chicken X10, Armory Battery III X4.
1.5 million players: gold Nucleus X3, Avatar: ZIK X1, SIZZLING MEAT X10, gold x3888
2 million players: * Coloring of the jet satchel: Orion X1, Gold Nucleus X3, Crispy Grilled Fish X10, Weapon Battery III X4
2.5 million players: * Equipment: star sand X1, gold nucleus X4, walnut tea X10, gold x6888.

Trailer Tower Fantasy

Together with the announcement of the global release, Hotta Studio has released the new Tower of Fantasy trailer. You can see it on the official YouTube channel Tower of Fantasy.

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