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Smilegate starts the new Titain online CBT

Smilegate Mega Port (CEO Jang In-ah) is a global CBT (Closed Beta Test) of the new multi-platform MMORPG ‘Titain Online’ developed by Tiny Studio (co-representative Chae Se-Byeong, Yang Hee-il). )


‘Titain Online’ is the first global community MMORPG presented at Smilegate Mega Port, which was first unveiled at G-Star 2020. Titani Online has enhanced accessibility by supporting crossplay that enjoys freely across PCs and mobile platforms.

‘Titany Online’ is a story of adventures and battles around the magic tower, featuring the concept of ‘a playground where users around the world can play together’, which emphasizes global integrated services and communities in the form of a single server around the world..

In Titain online, users can freely change their weapons and strategically target different monsters and bosses on each floor of the tower without class restrictions. In addition, you can enjoy various play modes such as real-time cooperative play and PVP with various users around the world. In addition to this, various communities and growth factors such as combined, guilds, and housing are added to the real-time translation of artificial intelligence, allowing users to enjoy the game freely with users around the world.

Titaini Online is doubling with the background of the fantasy atmosphere and comic elements such as humorous costumes that users in various cultures can sympathize with. It also supports low-end devices as it targets users around the world, which are casual and wide.

Jung Jae-hoon, director of Smilegate Megaport, said, It is very exciting to showcase the attractive MMORPG ‘Titain Online’, which allows all users around the world to cooperate and compete in the same space. Through this CBT, we will be looking forward to seeing the foundation for becoming a global integrated community MMORPG that users around the world can enjoy together.

During the CBT period of Titini Online, it provides a variety of rewards, including crystal goods through access events and play mission events. ‘Titain Online’ game information and CBT and events can be found on the official website.