Study confirms that sexualized games do not affect users

In recent times there has been the discussion of whether video games influence the real life of people who play them, usually a special emphasis on titles that manage violence. However, there is also talk of the releases with sexualized characters, which according to a study, do not damage the mind of any user to prove them.

The study was originally published in Computers in Human Behavior._ same that addresses people’s concern with the sexualized representation of women and that this has negative effects on players. This research produced mixed results, where you will not have to worry about misogynistic behaviors.

The authors of the research used a statistical technique known as meta-analysis to systematically evaluate the results of previous research.

This is what he said Christopher J. Ferguson , Professor of Psychology at the University of Stetson , who created the study:

I have been studying the effects of video games on players for two decades, most of violence. I think that most people have come to accept that there is no relationship between violent video games and aggression or violent crime.

However, people still ask sexualization questions and if games make male users more sexist to women or if players experience more body dissatisfaction and other concerns about well-being. It is a smaller field of research than the field of violence, so we expected to contribute some clarity.

His teacher and team conducted 18 relevant studies. All included a measure of exposure to general or sexualized video games. Fifteen of the studies measured the aggression towards women or sexist attitudes, while 10 measured the results related to depression, body image or anxiety. Thus discarding attitudes that relate to the issue of sexualization.

For their part, they investigated other studies that mark video games with these elements as influential in people. Discovering that perhaps they were not done in the most professional or deep way. This commented Ferguson regarding the finding:


The main warning is simply that many of the studies are simply not very good. The good news is that those made with greater quality were less likely to find evidence of negative effects. In some cases, academics probably interspersed their personal opinions, although unintentionally. Okay, it is still a fairly small research area, but these initial data have been so disappointing that I am not sure that there is much to extract here.

Emphasis was once again that the media seek to blame external agents to justify specific facts, this goes from assaults executed by thieves to recent shootings in the USA. However, it is still commented that these actions should be treated with the pertinent specialists.