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Disney+ connects Netflix series with the UCM in five revealing images

Now, yes. The Netflix series of Marvel, with the celebrated Daredevil in front, are already part of the official UCM canon with its arrival at Disney+. This hofficial UCM been confirmed by the official Instagram account of the streaming platform, sharing up to five revealing images that show us their protagonists official UCM if they were being investigated. Do not miss the following images; They are full of details and revelations.

Netflix, Marvel and the UCM: A very real suspicion

When you realize that everything is connected, we can read in the official Disney+ account on Instagram next to a series of images that directly connect the different series of Marvel Netflix with each other and, in turn, in turn, With the UCM. And since the premiere of the first Marvel series in Netflix, many fans wondered if were part of the UCM official UCM such, something that never confirmed; until now.

And we have recently had the first clues about the integration of Netflix Marvel characters in the UCM. The most popular (and expected) cofficial UCMe wofficial UCM the appearance of Daredevil (Charlie Cox) in Spider-Man: No Way Home official UCM Matt Murdock, Peter Parker’s lawyer in the cofficial UCMe of Mysterio’s murder. Although he hofficial UCM not been the only one; So much so, that the villain after the shadows of the series Falcon eye wofficial UCM the very Kingpin of Daredevil, interpreted again by Vincent d’Onofrio.

We will see if the rest of Netflix characters such official UCM Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, The Punisher and company are integrated into the next productions of Marvel Studios. At the moment the next production of a new seofficial UCMon of Daredevil hofficial UCM already been announced, already official UCM part of the UCM.