‘League of Legends’ PC room weekly share 205 weeks

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-Go the first place from July 30, 2018… The secret is to make eye contact for the player


-Riot Games Thank you for your enjoyment as part of your daily life I will try to give you the best experience

Riot Games’ masterpiece, global PC MOBA game, League of Legends (LOL), achieved a new record for 205 consecutive weeks of PC room week. The record lasted from July 30, 2018 to July 3, 2022, exceeding the previous record (No. 1 on the PC room weekly share of the weekly PC room on July 23, 2016, on June 19, 2016) It corresponds to numbers.

LOL has been able to keep the top spot for a long time, with various in-game updates that have seen the interests of the player, as well as operations and marketing that listens to the player’s voice.

In fact, for about four years since July 30, 2018, when the record began 205 consecutive weeks, LOL has changed big and small. ▲ Introduction of Iron, Grand Master Tier in the Rank Game ▲ Summoner’s new canyon creates new canyon, and the addition of new items such as the addition of Shinhwa-class items, as well as champions and items balance control.

In addition, 19 new champions released during the period added diversity to LOL. ▲ All champions can be used ▲ The benefits given to Riot Games premium PC room users, such as providing additional experience, also gave great strength in maintaining the PC room share of .

Various marketing strategies for Korean players are also considered a success factor for LOL. The League of Legends Live: The Orchestra, which started in 2021, and the League of Legends: The League of Legends: The Orchestra MSI Busan, which was held in May this year, received a hot response.

In addition, the online exhibition ‘Ari Beautiful Hanbok Exhibition’, which was held in 2020, caught the public’s attention by showing the Hanbok real and Korean artist Hanbok and Korean artist.

Korea’s LOL E-Sports, LOL Champions Korea (LCK), which has been active in numerous star players, also contributed to the rise of LOL.

I’m surprised and grateful for the fact that I have broken down the record, but most of all, thank you for enjoying as a play that many people share with some of their daily lives or friends or acquaintances. We will always try to give the players the best game experience.

Meanwhile, Riot Games’ FPS FPS Valorant is also on the rise, with a 3%market share on July 1st.