How to solve the peculiar gear torch puzzle under Sirikoro Peak in Genshin Impact

Tsurumi Island is one of the most mysterious places in Genshin Impact, home to the illusory remnants of an ancient civilization. Beneath one of its mountains, Sirikoro Peak, lies an elaborate underground ruin filled with puzzles, including three torch puzzles that can be solved with murals on the cave walls.

One of the torch puzzles will only appear after using the Fancy Gear gadget. To find it, head to the area marked in the image below. Keep in mind that the area is underground so head towards Sirikoro Peak, drop down and follow the path leading to the marked spot.

Once you reach the area, use the fancy gear gadget on the Thunderbird Statue to unlock the Torch puzzle on the wall.


How to solve the unusual torch puzzle on Tsurumi Island in Genshin Impact

To solve the puzzle, you need to light the Torches in the order shown on the nearby mural. The fresco depicts three star motifs indicating the position of the three torches that need to be lit. You can use any character that can use a Pyro to set them on fire, but we highly recommend using an archer like Ember or Yoimiya to aim accurately.

Refer to the image above for the torches you need to light in exact order they are numbered. Even though there are five torches, you only need to apply Pyro on three, and the last two will automatically light up at the end. Completing this puzzle will reward you with an Exquisite Chest and unlock a hidden achievement called Riddle Game.

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