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Ms. Marvel makes important revelation of the MCU in its last chapter

Ever since Disney’s purchase of Fox, many have eagerly awaited related information about the X-Men’s inclusion in the MCU. Although some fourth phase movie series have given small allusions, it was not until the end of Ms. Marvel that we had the first bond with these heroes.

In previous chapters, a hidden power within Kamala had been hinted at, which many pointed to as a reference to the Inhumans, this in reference to her origin in the comics. However, the last chapter of Ms. Marvel has finally clarified this point. In the last moments of the chapter, Bruno Carrelli told Kamala Khan that he detected a mutation in her genes that other humans do not have.


When the word mutation is spoken, the theme from the X-Men animated series can be heard. Along with this, the credits of the episode allude to this. While we did see Doctor Xavier in action during Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, this is the first reference to the X-Men in the main MCU universe.

What does this mean for this universe? At the moment there is no clear answer. The next time we see Kamala Khan will be in The Marvels, a film that will be released until July 28, 2023. However, something is more than clear, the introduction of the mutants is imminent.

On related topics, actress of Ms. Marvel defends the series from hate comments. Similarly, special effects artists no longer want to work with Marvel.

Editor’s Note:

Ms. Marvel presents us with a number of changes compared to the comics, but this reveal is, without a doubt, the most important. With rumors of the upcoming X-Men animated series having a tie-in to the MCU, it seems like it won’t be long before we see Wolverine and company in this universe.