Action-MMORPG lost hundreds of players, had to switch over to Free2Play-how is the game doing now?

Two years after the release in China appeared on Steam in July 2021. Then, it was commended for his waiver of Pay2win, however lost countless players within a month. Meinmmo reveals you just how the video game is doing after a year.

The most essential point at a glimpse:

  • Solo was released in China in 2019 and was also available to the West in July 2021
  • Unusual for an Oriental MMORPG: It did without Pay2win
  • In spite of the promising begin, the huge hype stopped working to appear and countless players stopped in the first month
  • In March 2022 the transition to Free2Play occurred
  • Currently there is a spot with raid as well as summertime occasion
  • One more raid should already be on the roadway

Solo celebrates its birthday with new material

The party mood is shadowed by numbers.

Currently there is even more new material with the Patch 2.1.4. According to the Patch Notes, the RAID Realm of Halucinations must be linked to the Realm of Light and can be located in the area beyond Tianlu City.

In teams of 10 to 20 players you can stand there as well as get hold of different managers as well as, to name a few points, equipment at degree 225. Initially there is only a regular degree of trouble, an easy setting is to be added Sunday, July 17, 2022. (through Gameforge).

There is also little going on in the solo subreddit, total only a little appears to be spoken about the game on Reddit. When considering the blog post of a user that would like to know why others had quit solo, the central troubles are disclosed.

Once again as well as once more the poor English language implementation is stated there, but efficiency problems are additionally afflicted by solo. An individual also defines a frame price of only 20-30. Others are troubled by the interface and also find that the game seems outdated. (via reddit).

Swords of Legends actually had good problems to become an effective MMORPG. Nonetheless, he did not do well in binding players completely. Solo is not alone in this, because nearly all new MMORPGs 2021 fell short as well as we players are with mistake.

A crowd of devils are claimed to have actually been beat there a thousand years back, where a significant demon had actually currently shown up.

With adequate pieces you might even call your very own at the end of the event. (through Gameforge).

He did not prosper in binding players permanently. Solo is not alone in this, due to the fact that virtually all new MMORPGs 2021 failed and also we players are with mistake.

There is additionally a coastline party for the right summer season feeling that will climb from July 14th to August 4th at the Dragon Turtle Beach. 4 various everyday pursuits let you accumulate tokens, which you can after that exchange for costs like a stylish new bikini.

An MMORPG can not continue without players. It remains to be seen whether the new material is enough to bring in even more players as well as revive the weakening solo.

Swimwears as well as devils: As early as June there was a bigger upgrade consisting of new tale pursuits, brand-new regions and also a brand-new PvP season. This also consisted of Realm of Light, an open-world zone with comprehensive lawn locations and also floating rock developments.


At that point, it was commended for his waiver of Pay2win, but shed thousands of players within a month. In teams of 10 to 20 players you can stand there and obtain hold of various bosses as well as, amongst other points, equipment at level 225. Much less than 1000 players have been on-line at the same time in the last 24 hours.

** Solo can also be played in enhancement to Steam on Epic and also its very own Gameforge launcher. Less than 1000 players have been on the internet at the exact same time in the last 24 hrs.

A consistent decrease in players can be observed if you look at the numbers regarding the program of last year. With the change to a Free2Play design in March there was a small upswing, but these players might not be maintained in the long-term.