This is PlayStation Stars: the new loyalty program to get free rewards

Sony Interactive Entertainment continues to evolve its online services. Grace Chen, Vice President of PlayStation Network, has announced through a publication on the official blog of the console of it a new loyalty program for PS4 and PS5 called PlayStation Stars. **

A new loyalty program in honor of players

PlayStation Stars will be a loyalty program designed for players. The information is relatively scarce at this time, but it would be about completing activities and completing achievements to obtain rewards.

_ To get the reward of the Monthly Check-In Campaign, you just have to play any game. In other campaigns, you will have to win tournaments, win specific trophies or even be the first player in your time zone to win the platinum trophy for a flagship title. Grace Chen explains in the PlayStation blog.

Free rewards

After registering free and meet the conditions (win trophies or launch a game, for example), you can unlock more or less interesting rewards. First, you canwin fidelity points, * that you can exchange for articles by PlayStation Store. The points can be won being subscriber of PlayStation Plus and registered in PlayStation Stars.

Sony will also offer Collectible digital , which will be a new type of reward:


_ These collectibles are as diverse as our product and franchise line. These range from digital representations of articles loved by fans of the PlayStation universe, such as iconic game figures and other entertainment forms, to peripherals that celebrate Sony’s history and innovation.

We still do not know when the program will be released exactly, but according to her statements, it seems that Sony is doing tests before its launch, scheduled for the course of 2022 .