Star citizen

Riot Games, Star Guardian Campaign between reality and game

-The new star guardian skin update

** -Skin, Shinhwajeongsu in Riot Premium PC Room… When using RP

-The Star Guardian Roll Park Theme Zone is also held

-Wild Lift, Legend of Runtera also released new/exclusive content and proceeds with the event

Riot Games’ PC MOBA Game (LOL) will showcase five new Star Guardians in the 12.13 patch.

The star guardian is a skin series with the theme of fighting the monster with the mission of the chosen people protecting the stars and the universe. It has been popular with many players by introducing a number of skins.

The new star guardian skin series, which will be added through the 12.13 patch, includes ‘Star Guardian Nila’ for the new champion Nila, ▲ Star Guardian Caesa, Star Guardian Sona, Star Guardian Eco, and Star Guardians.

Various events will be held to commemorate the launch of the new skin. The ‘PC room event’ is given an event that is given a variety of rewards such as random champion (1 hour), randomly skin (3 hours) and 10 myth integers (5 hours) depending on the time you played the LOL in Riot Premium PC Room. As a result, you can participate from the 1st to the 31st. However, PC room events can only be compensated once per account.

In addition, if you visit the Riot Premium PC room during the period, it is also possible to experience the Star Guardian Skin series for free such as ▲ Star Guardian Lux ▲ Star Guardian Jinx ▲ Star Guardian Ari ▲ Star Guardian Jaya/Rakan. The list of guardians that can be experienced free of charge is 1 week (July 1-July 10), 2nd week (July 11-July 17), 3rd week (July 18-7 It will be changed by period, including the 24th of the month, the 4th week (July 25-July 31). \

The Poching Store, which can acquire various prizes, will be divided twice from the 14th, 28th and August 11th. During this period, players using RP acquire ‘Star’ available in prisoners, and through this, ▲ SecretLab gaming chairs ▲ Logitech G gaming gear set You can apply for various prizes.

In the prison store, it is expected to catch the eye of many players as there are prizes that can be obtained by using stars and prizes that can be obtained through lottery. In addition, an additional 10% bonus RP will be paid to users who charge the RP on the 15th (15th) to the 1st of August.


In the Roll Park where LOL Champions Korea (LCK) is unfolding, you can meet events for star guardians. From July 13th to July 24th, the ‘Star Guardian Roll Park Experience Zone’, which runs from three o’clock to 11 o’clock in the afternoon, is the ‘Star Guardian Coloring Book Event’ space that can freely color the guardian champion. There is also a photo kiosk that can be printed. The point is that the role park entrance and pillars are decorated with decorations and character illustrations of the guardian concept.

In addition to on-site events, various events are held. If you take a picture of the star guardian space in the Roll Park and upload it to Instagram with the designated hashtag, you will be given the ‘Star Guardian Debt’ and ‘Sticker Pack’. In addition, if you make your own skin with the star guardian coloring book and upload it to Instagram, you will be selected for 100 players every week.

Meanwhile, Riot Games’ mobile MOBA game (Wildlift) and League of Legends Card Games Legend of Rundera (LOR) will also be held.

Wildlift will show ‘Star Guardian Jaya, Lacan, Sena, Serapin, Oriana, Ari, Miss Fortune’ through the 3.3 patch. Among them, Jaya and Lacan were also packed with the theme of ‘saved star guardians’ and can be obtained through the event pass.

From July 18 to August 7, the event will also be held. On the event site, if you create your own star guardian image and upload it to Instagram with the hashtag, you will receive a variety of benefits such as the 6th generation of iPad mini, the star guardian Wari pack, and the wild lift ‘Random Skin Box’.

LOR will update eight new skins on July 21, three new champions including Caesa, Gwen, and Evelyn, and ‘Star Guardian Lulu, Sena, Soraka, Jinx, Queen, Taliya, Gwen, Kaisa’. ‘Star Guardian Gwen’ is the first content to be presented in LOR.

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