Gravity Neo Cyan, Ragnarok The Lost Memory domestic pre -booking

Gravity’s subsidiary Gravity Neo Cyan announced on the 15th that it has opened a domestic pre-booking page of the mobile fantasy story RPG RPG, Ragnarok The Lost Memories.

‘Ragnarok The Lost Memories’ provides fun to both existing and new users with the cleaner and brilliant graphics, new stories, and heroes of unique jobs while maintaining the original emotion. In addition, it is possible to enjoy various contents by combining various elements such as RPG growth method, strategic battle using card decks, quests according to the hidden stories of heroes, heroes and monster cards.

This pre-booking will be available on a separate pre-booking page from July 15 to launch, and will be available from July 20 at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. After launching, all participants will be presented with costumes and gemstones such as chicks and chick bags.

Gravity Neo Cyan will also hold three pre-booking events. First of all, depending on the number of pre-bookers, various items such as card draw tickets, costume items, and soul weapon purchases are paid to the entire user. On Facebook, you can get up to 600 gemstones depending on the liking level, and you will receive a card draw if you achieve 3,000 official lounge members.

Gravity Neo Cyan said, We are preparing for Ragnarok The Lost Memories, which has been well-received from users in Southeast Asia and Steam, on mobile. I hope you will enjoy this pre-booking and enjoy the rich benefits and enjoy a different type of RPG.