Russian Model surprises with his Jolyne Cujoh Cosplay in Jojo’s

As much, one of the most beloved anime of today is Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure , a work that has been able to transcend in the right way despite having already had enough years in the middle.

And as is evident, many fans have come out to show their love for the series, this through taxes that include quite elaborate and striking cosplays.
Recently a Russian model known as Helly Valentine elaborated her version of a crucial character, JOLYNE CUJOH , which looks like her suit of her, as well as her different cosmetics.
Here you can see some photos:
It is worth mentioning that the previously shown is only a small part of the cosplayer photo set, since in his Patreon account he has much more for the delight of the fans.
So if you want to take a complete look at the session, the most convenient thing is to turn its page and verify the price of all this content.