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What is a heritage in Destiny 2? God Roll, builds and much more

There are dozens of shotgun in Destiny 2, each of which feels differently. You have a Wastlander M5, which fell from the Dares of Eternity assignment, as well as Riiswalker from Iron Banner. From the legendary to exotic weapons it can be difficult to choose a shotgun that suits your game style. Join us and get acquainted with Heritage, a shotgun of your dreams.

What is a heritage in Destiny 2?

where to get a legacy

Heritage is a legendary shotgun, which can only be obtained in the Deep Stone Crypt Deep Stone raid in Europe. This raid requires players in the availability of Beyond Light addition and has a recommended power level of 1350.

A deep stone crypt also drops another useful weapon, such as a legacy and a confidant. If the legacy does not fall randomly during the raid, players can use Spoils of Conquest to buy a legacy in a kiosk. At the end of the raid.

Heritage Pvp God Roll


Throwing God PVP for heritage Slidehot as well as murderous wind, Together with attached magazine as well as neat rounds . Despite the sad fame in the Destiny 2 community, the sliding of the shotgun is a popular method of dominance in the males.

In this throw of God, slideshot causes partial reloading of the weapon during sliding , as well as an increase in range and stability. Killing Wind gives the player range, handling and mobility at the last blow . The Appended Mag increases the capacity of the shotgun store, and the Accurized Rounds increases the firing range.

This combination of perks and the characteristics of the weapon turns the legacy into cruel weapons of mass destruction in PVP. The range of this weapon is surprisingly great, and this is amplified only by the perk of God. This list of gods plays on the strengths of Heritage, paying special attention to the size and assortment of the store.

Heritage of God Pve

Throwing God PVE for heritage Auto-Raced holster/reconstruction as well as recombination, together with assault store and corkscrew . This throw of the perk is ideal for applying heavy damage to the PVE bosses.

In this throw of God, auto-libing Holster makes the weapon automatically recharge. Over a short period of time. The auto-shot hollow can also be replaced by reconstruction, which over time recharge the weapon and overwhelms the store, as a result of which the maximum capacity of the bullet doubles.

Recombination leads to the fact that spontaneous final blows add stack recombination, increasing damage from the next shot of Heritage. . In PVE, this buff can be summed up to 88% of additional damage. The assault store significantly increases the stability of the heritage, as well as its rate of fire. Cutting a corkscrew slightly increases the range, stability and speed of handling weapons.

This combination of perks makes the legacy an excellent choice in PVE, especially against bosses. This throw of God allows the legacy to feel reliable in raids, missions and lost sectors. He plays on the strengths of Heritage, increasing the size of the store and damage.

Heritage is building

The legacy goes well with automatic energy weapons, especially if the players have a perk recombination. Automatic rifles can quickly add recombination stacks, as well as easily destroy ordinary enemies.

One effective assembly Heritage in the Kinetic and Gnawing Hunger slot in the Energy slot. This is especially powerful if the warmer hunger has a perk for food. This equipment reduces the need for reloading thanks to both a car gasket and food.

With this equipment, players can shoot quickly and at a decent great distance. Although this equipment is more focused on PVE, it can also be dangerous in PVP. This combination of weapons is also very useful during the first clashes in the Last Wish raid.

The legacy is also well combined with the scout rifles, such as Trustee **, this is a weapon that also falls out of the Deep Stone Crypt raid. If both the Heritage and Trustees have a reconstruction perk, players may never have to reboot in their lives. This download is optimized for players who need a large store size.

The scout rifles are also an excellent choice for the accumulation of Buff recombination from Heritage. This combination of a reconnaissance rifle and shotgun is focused on PVE, although it is also useful in PVP. If you are going to collect PVP, Dead Man’s Tale will be the best reconnaissance rifle.

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