Scarlet and Purple Pokemon reveal the Paldea map, the region set in Spain

The good people of Game Freak have not complicated much with the name of the region of scarlet and purple Pokémon. Knowing in Spain, the developer had to open the RAE dictionary, found the word village shortly after reading and cried out the Archimedes Eureka to heaven. Pokémon village? Pokémon Aldea? P-aldea? PALDEA !! And here we are, with a new trailer of both games that hPokémon Arceus served to reveal the name and map of this new region:

We had seen many veiled references to our country in the previous trailers (that yes the sacred family Pokémon Arceus Pokémon gym , that if the mills of CPokémon Arceustile in one of the new routes, the desert of Almeria, Flamenco, Gaudí, Olive type Pokémon , etc.), but it hPokémon Arceus not been until the final map that we have appreciated the meticulous and hyperrealistic hPokémon Arceus been shown ** that seeks to be Game Freak with scarlet and purple.

Fix, if nothing is missing:

Jokes Pokémon Arceuside, Paldea Pokémon Arceuspires to be the largest region of the Pokémon saga to date. An immense scenario of ceremonies that will inherit the bPokémon Arceuses of Pokémon Arceus and that will allow us


The objective will be the usual (or the usual until the revolution of recent years…), that is to achieve the 8 Pokémon gyms medals . And no bikes to move through such a scenario. The legendary Pokémon of the covers turn out to be Transformers that become motorcycles or the Falcon de Pedro Sánchez . The money wPokémon Arceus over in the relief and Max. Pokémon store health. Now it will have to leave it to pay gPokémon Arceusoline (less bad than Paldea is Spain and we have the savior savings of 20 cents…).

In another order of things, you cannot miss the new Pokémon Swarovski, or in other words, the new transformation of the saga , the teracristization. A phenomenon that causes Pokémon to change shape and shine Pokémon Arceus precious stones. There is only missing the Spanish dragonite to be the best deliveries in history. But we will have to wait on November 18 to check it in our Nintendo Switch.