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What exactly does the title of Joker 2 mean?

Many news has been revealed around the next Joker tape, it all started with the revelation of the script through the Instagram account of the director of the long-awaited work. This was followed by the official revelation of the premiere date and also the official location where the majority of the film that sees the return of Joaquin Phoenix is going to be carried out as the protagonist.

As many will already know for this moment, the film does not carry as a number two in the name, but will carry the subtitle of folie a Deux , meaning that comes from the French dictionary. And from what has been commented, it means shared madness, so delivery should be perfect to introduce to Harley Quinn within Joker’s life.

Here your literal translation:



Nothing has yet been confirmed about the plot, but as the title indicates, it could be that the protagonist is at some point in the film with his therapist Harleen Frances Quinzel . Who with the passing of the sessions would have infected the patient’s madness, and thus becomes the romantic interest and right hand of him for criminal acts.

In news related to Joker: Folie à Deux , the actress and singer has finally confirmed her participation in the film, her role has not been mentioned in specific, but it is somewhat logical that she will be * Harley Quinn *. If you want to know what was the message she gave to her followers, we invite you to check the full note in the following link we place.

Remember that the film opens next October 4, 2024 .