Japanese -style 3D action ONI -Sky and Wind A song Delivered in 2022 for PS4/PS5/STEAM. The story of the demon who tries to defeat Momotaro, Demon

Claudid Lephd Entertainment announced on August 6 that the official title of ONI (tentative name) has been decided in Oni-Sky and Wind Rearing . It will be released in 2022 for PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5/PC (Steam). It supports Japanese/English/Korean/Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese. The official website and Steam store pages are also newly released.

ONI-Sky and Wind Learn is a Japanese-style 3D action game that defeats the evil demon Momotaro. The stage of this work is Oniojima, a nirvana island with the demon’s thoughts. The protagonist, Sora, is a demon who tries to defeat Momotaro, a person and a demon. Sora, Mononov, evokes the soul of Tsuwamono in a history of sleeping on Oniojima and challenges the trial. A demon story is drawn, trying to defeat the evil demon, Momotaro.

The demon sky, along with his buddy, Kazumaru, travels around the sorrowful demon island. As a gameplay, Sora fights with monsters who are larger than themselves, such as lion dance and black demons on Oniojima. He seems to be attacking the enemy with a club he holds, while attacking by rolling. In the screenshot released this time, you can also see mysterious girls and small demons. Who is the girl and how is it involved with Sora? I would like to expect a story about Momotaro.

KENEI DESIGN, who is working on this work, is a domestic studio by Kenhide Hayama. He has been working as a UI designer in Mist Walker, in the art of Terra Battle and Fantasian, and has passed the creator audition PlayStation C.A.M.P! Kenei Design also distributes the rhythm game B & D for iOS in 2019. In this work ONI-the Sky and Wind Learn, it seems that development is being underway with the cooperation of Shueisha Games.

ONI-Sky and Wind Learn will be released in 2022 for PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5/PC (Steam). In addition, this work is also held at the Bitsummit X-Roads held on August 6 and 7 at Miyakomuse, Kyoto City Shokyo Museum (public release date, August 7).