F1 22 takes post and the sale of consoles drops in the Julio Top in the United Kingdom

The other day we informed you exactly how July sales have been in Spain, but it is always excellent to consider other a lot more massive video game markets to validate just how the titles that are arriving at shops are functioning and how gaming consoles are commercially paying commercially. After the weekly information, today we bring you the month-to-month sales in the United Kingdom .

In computer game, it is F1 22 the boss. The title of CodeMasters and Digital Arts with The official permit of Formula 1 Burglary Automobile V.

F1 is the very popular game of July customarily in the British market, it is Games Industry that accumulates the GFK data supplying a checklist that counts both electronic as well as physical sales, although when it comes to the titles of Nintendo Switch over No digital information are shared. The sale of video games has fallen by 17% compared to July in 2014, confirming the problems that had actually been shown in recent weeks.

The situation of Forbidden West

The most interested point about the month-to-month sales top of the United Kingdom is what occurs with Horizon: Forbidden West. As you can see in the list that we leave under you, the video game does not show up amongst the first 20 preferred choices in July, and also this is since In this placing the copies that come in packs with the console , Something that the guerrilla title has profited a whole lot considering that its launch.

Then we leave you the top 20 of best-selling computer game of the month of July in the United Kingdom, counting all the physical and digital platforms and variations (not in Nintendo).

Forbidden West has actually sold more thanks to the PS5 Packs PlayStation 5 is in excellent position in terms of hardware information in July where, although the sale of consoles has actually dropped compared to June , It serves to stand ahead of Xbox Series X in 2022 in the area. About 104,000 gaming consoles have actually been sold throughout the month, but Nintendo Switch over preserves the top place ahead of both brand-new generation makers.

finest selling in July in the United Kingdom

_ * Nintendo does not share digital sales _.

Although F1 22 remains to be updated with brand-new attributes and stays one of the very successful titles on the marketplace every week, if you have questions with it we suggest you take an appearance at the F1 22 evaluation that Alejandro Pascual carried out in this residence on the event of its launch in computer and consoles.


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