New rounds of Paul Guys

**-The special round of the Jelly Bean Hill Zone, which was held by and

** -Sonic sneakers, etc.

** -‘Super Sonic’ and a strong friend ‘Tales’, a genius villain ‘Dr. Robotic’

-Dehoscopy hedgehog ‘Sonic’ and Sonic’s rival ‘Knuckles’ costume

The Wind Dol Sonic runs into the world of Paul Guys with his friends.

Epic Games Korea’s Korean corporation Epic Games Korea announced that the Paul Guys will hold a new round and costume of the Sonic theme until the 15th.

Known as the wind stone Sonic, Sonic The Hedgehog is a game that has been greatly loved by gamers around the world and celebrated its 30th anniversary last year. Sonic, a game company Sega IP, is a franchise that is familiar to the public as it was produced as a live-action film in 2020 and released this year.

Through this collaboration, the player will be able to play Green Hill Zone, the symbolic map of Sonic the Hedgehog, in the Paul Guys, a new hunting round, which is a new hunting round. In that round, you must collect the ring on the map before the opponent.

In addition, the player can obtain various items related to with the score from playing the Jelly Bean Hill Z1. Each time you get 200 points, you will be provided with a nameplate of the Jelly Bean Hill Zone, 200 Kudos, Bonus Ring Patterns, 400 Kudos, and Sonic Sneakers.

During the event, various theme costumes are also available. ‘Sonic’ is a ‘Super Sonic’, which has become powerful with seven chaos emeralds, two tails, Tales, and a genius villain, Dr. Robotic, as a costume.

The hero’s hedgehog, Sonic, and Sonic’s eternal rival mole, Knuckles, are also re-released. In addition, the Sonic Foot tab, which embodies Sonic, waiting for the player in the game, will also be released.


Park Sung-cheol, CEO of Epic Games Korea, said, Paul Guys has a special collaboration event with the popular character Sonic, and the round of theme and the costumes full of personality are limited. Thank you for the great support of the players after the freeization of Paul Guys in June, and we will continue to have a variety of fun through rich events and collaboration.

For more information about the event, please visit the official website of .

Meanwhile, Paul Guys launched a free play service in June. It can be played on several platforms such as the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, PS4, PS5, Epic Games Store, and also supports cross-play between platforms and cross-programs.

It has achieved 20 million people in 48 hours after freeization and 50 million users in two weeks.