Onsen Master: Gamers manage thermal springs in September

It can be busy enough to stroll around the warm springs, to deal with the clinking consumers and also to put the right brews in the appropriate bathrooms, but likewise try to prevent the exceptional solution of the players.

The game will certainly be available for Xbox Collection X | s, Nintendo Change and also PC via Heavy steam.

Publisher Whitethorn Games and also the developer Waking Oni Games announce that the Arcade video game onsen Master, a ready the monitoring of thermal springs, will certainly be released on September 1, 2022.

Onsen Master provides solitary as well as two-player cooperations in the game design, in which players look after the consumers of their hot resources and need to prepare and create the appropriate active ingredients to heal their symptoms.

A dark cloud hangs over the island of Izajima, as well as their impacts are heavy on the residents. Böslike spirits, called Yokai, run in the thermal springs of the island of Amok. As well as the fantastic Onsen master, caretakers of the warm springs and therapists of diseases, has disappeared in a mystical means.


The gamers get on the duty of his pupil to recover the equilibrium and discover out what took place to the Onsen master!