All SIMS 4 extensions packages, ranked

In The Sims 4, quite a lot of expansion packages are available for purchase. This may make it difficult to track what is on the market, even at the persistent Sims 4 fans. That is why we defeated all the affordable additions in the game and ranked them in cost.

All expansion packages in The Sims 4 is in order from the worst to the better

12-Cats and Dogs

Although the promise of pets in The Sims 4 for most players sounds like a dream that has come true, the performance was not as ideal as the fans hoped. Firstly, only cats and dogs were presented in the addition, without additional pets. The players considered it a step back compared to the previous SIMS games, including pets, such as horses.

It does not help that soon after this EA released the My First Pets Stuff package, which, according to many, included content that was supposed to be provided in the original extension. Many fans considered that EA divided the package into two parts and went to greed, and not for effort. In general, he lacks content to justify the price.

11-Snow Escape

While Snowy Escape seemed to be promising at the beginning of its release, time was leaving for this package. The gameplay quickly becomes monotonous, and the beautiful world may seem isolated compared to other areas in Sims 4. The flock is magnificent and culturally rich, but something just seems empty in it.

We think that this package could work much better as a game package for half the cost. Insufficient immersion or detailed construction of the world to justify the price of $ 40. If the players were given a package update, as EA did with the SPA Day Game Pack gaming bag, we could see how this package changes quality.

10-become famous

Get Famous is a funny package if you take it for a clean coin. You can make your sims famous, live in an area inspired by Hollywood, and even get rich in several ways. Become an actress, singer or even streamer. The variety in this expansion package is promising, and we like the system of glory and reputation.

The problem with Get Famous is actually opposite to the aforementioned records. In fact, he is too immersed in the big world of Sims 4. It seems that becoming famous and getting to know celebrities is too simple. As soon as you acquire Get Famous and play for an unpopular sim, you will begin to feel that fame is actually quite ordinary and easy to achieve.

9-Life on the island

As in Snowy Escape, Island Living offers players a culturally diverse and well-planned world that allows players to enjoy a tropical paradise. The clothes and elements of the assembly are amazing, but they lack a deeper connection with the rest of the world in The Sims 4. Going to Sulani, you always feel that you play a completely new game.

One of the advantages of Island Living is the addition of mermaids. Although their gameplay is limited compared to vampires and werewolves, they are still an excellent game feature. We also like the system of work on a part-time job, although it became irrelevant due to the concerts added to the main game.

8-Life in the city

Over the years that have passed since its release, life in the city has become quite forgotten. It just seems that this does not cause the interest that Sims 4 players once caused. Partially, this can be an extremely obsolete package style or even a vaguely cultural sensation of a game that sometimes seems non-authorized and ennobled. Maxis has significantly improved its representation and diversity since the release of this package, and this is visible.

This does not mean that life in the city does not have its own advantages. You can make a political career, get the maximum return from life in the apartment and lead a unique lifestyle, which is not in other flocks. In this addition there is something to love for, but perhaps the time has come to update it.


7-Ecological Life

Playing community member in Eco Lifestyle is very fun, but it can quickly get bored. Especially if your neighbors win thanks to their own public initiatives. What if you want to play in the world to just process and create objects, but now you need to turn off energy every week?

We believe that this package would be much more interesting if the players received more executive branches. Although we understand that the essence of the Eco Lifestyle is to work with your community, we think that such a lack of power is more suitable for Game Pack.

6-Life in the cottage

Cottage Living has something to like, but this is a little not enough if you are not deep in the niche of pastoral life. Although it is interesting to take care of agricultural animals and lead a bizarre lifestyle, it will not work for every Sim for which you want to play. Even the Cottage Living lover can reach its limit of pleasure after a while.

We like the style of this package and the introduction of charming animals that need to be taken care of in this bizarre village. At the same time, we believe that the value of this package for work outside a very specific approach to Sims is small. The best expansion packages are suitable for different styles of the game.

5-Get together

Create your own clubs, go to the cafe and enjoy nightclubs until late in the evening with a package of expansion Together. This is not the perfect DLC, but it has an integral value that has passed the test of time. Many players still love and use cafes and a system of creating clubs. Even if you never visit this world again and do not use any CAS items, you will still find that you have a lot of the framework of the game Together to enjoy gameplay for many years.

4-Discover the University

Just like in high school, Discover University allows Sims to reveal more stages of their life. Now your sims have an intermediate period between adolescence and adult life. They can live in a hostel, choose their career and even participate in school events.

The college could be a boring and tiring occupation in SIMS 4, but the developers managed to create a package with many realistic aspects, but at the same time give pleasure. Your SIM will not just go to college, it must be accepted on the basis of assessments. They must also manage loans or try to get a scholarship. College ratings are also not trifles, so try to limit parties! The gameplay is the king in this package, giving you a lot of opportunities.

3-get to work

Get to work is part of the old guard of SIMS 4 expansion packages, so some players today don’t even think about it. But it is important to note that this package added to The Sims 4, albeit imperceptibly. Things that are now considered the main elements of the gameplay, such as owning a retail store or the delivery of your Sim to a hospital for childbirth are related to to work.

Your Sims will benefit from buying this set, especially if you have a sim that wants to become a professional professional. It provides an excellent balance between ordinary and overly stimulating gameplay, giving players a realistic and exciting experience.

2-Years of high school

High School Years was a late release in the list of The Sims 4 expansion packets, but this does not mean that he did not add such necessary content to the franchise. With this package, players can now experience more rich school experience with their sims. Invite them for graduation, ask to join the club, lead to the graduation and even invite you to tea drinking with bubbles.

This package includes a new world, many CAS and objects for assembly/purchase, as well as more gameplay than any player can be desired. High School Years is also much more modern in tonality and style than many sets, which helps the game created in 2014 to feel more corresponding to modern fashion and culture.


There is a reason why the SEASONS Expansion package is constantly evaluated as the best option for DLC in The Sims 4, and this is mainly due to immersion. This package organically fits into your game as a whole, adding dynamic weather and even events planning. Clothing, decor, assembly items and assets in the game are numerous.

You do not necessarily play Seasons as a set, rather Seasons complements your daily SIMS game process. The presence of a package that adds so much content to your game that you cannot imagine a game without it is what the performance of each Sims 4 Expansion Pack should be on.

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