[Issue] Nintendo America with sexual scandal fire. The boss is during the investigation

Nintendo’s North American branch, Nintendo America, was caught up in sexual scandal this time following a successive labor environment issue. Nintendo America said it is investigating the contents.

Game media Kotaku reported in an interview with Nintendo America’s former game testers about the company’s discrimination and sexual harassment. In an interview with 10 contractors, Kotaku published a contract with Nintendo America to provide a contract and experience of Aerotek, which supplies contract staff. In particular, through the voice of a woman named Hannah (a pseudonym) who worked as a product tester for 10 years, she focused on discrimination and sexual harassment culture that extended in the company.

She was a long-standing fan of Nintendo, but she listed her experience that she had to quit the company.

The company had a ‘The Laughing Zone’ channel where several employees exchanged light jokes or memes through the Mondar Tims. However, a male translator joined the group and the atmosphere changed.

The employee posted a Reddit post in the group chat window, written by Shamid, a Pokémon series, which is the representative title of Nintendo, about why it is a good Pokemon to have sex and sexual acts. In addition, when the theme of conversation turned into the original god, he posted the image of Payon, a character in the original god, and posted that he felt sexual attraction despite the appearance and personality of the character.

Hannah reported the contents to Aerotech, and the company summarized the case in a line of training for sexual harassment. It was different from the dismissal of the contract jobs mentioned about Hannah’s underwear color. She later she knew that Hannah was the employee of Nintendo America who had been sexually harassed by her. She pointed out that even though she pointed out her clear mistake, she realized that she could not do a full-time employee.

In addition, Hannah recalled that a man continued to make a serious joke to her, but he was acquainted with all of her. She said she pointed out that she said she was too sensitive when she pointed out the remarks, she said she didn’t say anything.

There was also wage discrimination. Hannah worked with Nintendo America for nine years, and she knew that her junior male contract staff at the test department received $ 19 per hour. At the time she was receiving $ 16. Later, she said she had to work for a few weeks until she earned $ 18 per hour. Kotaku reported that she would have received the same basic wage for six years until she said that she would leave for another woman with higher wages.

The transition to full-time jobs was also not easy. Kotaku argued that Nintendo did not provide explicit goals for Nintendo America’s conversion or contract renewal. In addition, Ballerie, who worked as a tester in Nintendo America from 2009 to 2014, asked the manager about the transition to a full-time job, but there was nothing to specify as an indicator, and he received a response to spending a lot of time with a specific person. Zelda’s Legend: An employee who was a tester of wild breath said that he was a man and a friend who sees Super Bowl together.

In addition, inappropriate approaches, sexual remarks, and discrimination against sexual minorities were mentioned.

Aerotech divided the company with three brands, Aerotech, Aston Carter, and Aston Carter, and Aston Carter, and Aston Carter continued to cooperate with Nintendo America and provides contract workers.

Earlier, the National Labor Relations (NLRB) received complaints about Nintendo America and Aston Carter. Those who were in charge of Nintendo’s customer service worked through civil complaints in April and August include free dismissal provisions on contract staff, employees who did not have long-term full-time employees, coercive attitudes on union formation discussions, and disciplinary dismissal.


After Kotaku’s announcement, Doug Bauzer Nintendo America sent a full message for employees. He has been investigating all of the claims he learned through internal messages and said he will continue to investigate. He especially explained that he is actively investigating the recent arguments.

In 2019, Dug Bauser, a new president of Nintendo America, has criticized this culture since the discriminatory culture of Activision Blizzard was revealed.