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UE5 action Black myth: WUKONG 4K game play video is beautiful. The fantastic air of martial arts is more realistic with NVIDIAs technology


On August 20, the Game Studio-based Game Studio Game Science released a 4K game play video of the Saiyuki action Black Myth: Wukong on the NVIDIA YouTube channel. In the video of about 8 minutes and 30 seconds, you can check beautiful gameplay videos optimized for NVIDIA RTX technology, such as Late Racing and NVIDIA DLSS, based on Unreal Engine 5.

Black Myth: Wukong is an action RPG with the motif of Saiyuki. The protagonist Son Goku will fight against various monsters with the familiar weapon, Ryoi Bar. Saiyuki, the original text, is a classic novel in China, but this work has a martial arts novel taste, and the battle of Son Goku seen in the video released so far has a martial arts flavor (related information). 。

The 4K gameplay video released this time will clearly show the style and the beauty of the video using NVIDIA RTX technology. In the battle scene, a new boss, a four-legged dragon called Red, appears with a roar with lightning. Set in a field where light like the sunset shines from a distance, Akazu attacks his big arms on the ground and swinging a long tail. At that time, the details such as earth smoke can be found and stone pieces bounce from the ground, and you can see the details. Furthermore, the expression of the shining effect, such as lightning and attacking, and wrapping the rod of a rod, is beautiful and cool, and it seems to lead to the exhilaration of actually operating.

Also, it is not only the battle scene that is beautiful. The field where Son Goku adventure is developing is also clearly depicted. In the forest where Son Goku steps into the appearance of an insect at the beginning of the video, flowers and trees are naturally shaking. The expression of the shadow created by the light inserted through the gap between the trees is also skillful.

In addition, the reflection on the surface of the water is firmly expressed. Light racing may be used for these parts. Speaking of the expression of water, a scene where a waterfall flows in the video appears. Please pay attention to the nature of the waterfall and the cinematic production where water drops fall like rain when you blow off the waterfall.

In general, it seems that it is carefully expressed with focusing on the atmosphere as a martial arts work, while focusing on the coolness as an action. As mentioned above, these images are beautifully described by being optimized by NVIDIA RTX technology.

You can also find new elements that have not been seen before as game play. One of them is a new change like a rock giant of Son Goku, who had become a huge beast in the previous trailer (related article). Apparently, this seems to have been copied from the defeated enemy. In addition to these, you will be able to enjoy a fantastic action that is full of Son Goku.

Black Myth: Wukong will be released on a PC and console.