Blade and soul

New starts in the second half of the year, including Kakao Games and Ever Soul

[Kakao Games Park Ye-jin reporter] Kakao Games has prepared for the service in the second half of the success of ‘Umamus Me Pretty Derby‘. Along with the biggest anticipated Ever Soul, new genres of new genres, including Reality Magic’s ‘Dystera’ and Second Dive ‘Ares: Rise of Guardians’, are waiting.

Kakao Games’ new work, Ever Soul, which BI (Brand Identity) was released on the 22nd, is the collective role of fantasy background that the Savior and the spirits join forces to defeat invaders and save the world. RPG.

He emphasized the fun of collecting, fostering and developing beautiful girl characters of beautiful 3D graphics, and introduced ‘crush’ and ‘ties’, which are common in the love simulation genre. We are also preparing to introduce a ‘territory system’ where you decorate your own territory and work part-time by the collected spirit.

Nine Arc, which developed Ever Soul, is a company composed of developers with more than 10 years of experience and skills in PC online and mobile game development, such as Monarch Online, Atlantica, and Hero’s Legion.

In addition, global new works of various genres, including large-scale multi-entertained roles (MMORPGs) and survival first-person shooting games (FPS), are waiting for the launch.

Reality Magic is scheduled to launch ‘Dystera’ early in the second half of 2022 through the global PC game platform ‘STEAM’. ‘Dettra’, which was used by FPS experts who developed ‘Ava’, ‘Black Squad’, and ‘Point Blank’, is a multiplayer survival FPS game set against the destroyed Earth in the dystopian worldview. It aims to survive.

In the second half of this year, XL Games plans to unveil the new MMORPG genre, and the ‘Crusader Quest’ developer Road Complet, which has achieved a cumulative 25 million download world, is also a new ‘Guardis Order’, which emphasizes the hitting action and interesting story. It will be introduced.

The second dive, founded by the developers of the Dark Avenger series, which recorded 100 million downloads worldwide, will launch MMORPG ‘Ares: Rise of Guardians’ through Kakao Games. In the background of the near future, you can enjoy ‘suit’-based strategic battles and gameplay that crosses the ground and the air.

In the second half of this year, Kakao Games officials said, We will do our best to successfully launch new works that will be released later, including Ever Soul.