EMBRACER Group: Acquisition of Square Enix Revolts finished

The bargain that this is about belonged to our coverage earlier. The Embracer Group revealed at the time to get some parts from the parent company Square Enix for $ 300 million. The studios that are about below are Crystal Characteristics, Eidos Montreal, and also Square Enix Montreal.

These brand-new workshops are run on as a 12th team under the Embracer Group and also handled by the Square Enix Europe CEO Phil Rogers, yet the name of this group has not yet been announced. It stays to be seen what title we can expect besides Burial place Raider.

In spite of all the competition, great publishers agree on one thing, the most valuable fixed assets are skill today. In this feeling, the Embracer Group has increased again.


Furthermore, a selection of intellectual building was also sold, consisting of some follower faves and classics such as Burial place Raider, Heritage of Kain, Deus Ex Lover as well as Burglar. A new Tomb Raider is currently being serviced.

Furthermore, Eidos Montreal and also Crystal Dynamics are working on playing substantial AAA as well as you do not eliminate the Embracer Group remakes or reboots of different IPs in the future.