Summers War: Chronicle presented coffee tea to users

Com2us’ new and summoned MMORPG ‘Summers War: Chronicle’ delivered coffee tea to the tired users and presented a cool summer.

Com2us has been recruiting stories to users of Chronicle since the end of July and delivering coffee tea to winners. Through this, Com2us received various stories and selected the stories of applicants who wanted to convey warm hearts through coffee, and delivered ‘Angeliners’ coffee tea, which provides a variety of drinks with Woong Myo, a servitor of ‘Chronicle’. did.

First, on the 22nd, the first coffee tea was summoned to 200 office workers in distribution center. In the hot summer, a new employee of a new distribution center was selected to present a brief break and cool drink to colleagues who suffered in the field without air conditioning, and 200 Americano, 200 bottled water, and ‘Chronicle’ special coupon on the site It was directly delivered to the employees.

Cool coffee and beverages were delivered to children’s welfare facilities, where the hot summer group was difficult. According to the story, the facility is a group facility that lives from newborns to high school students. Com2us delivered coffee tea with Americano, Mutan Lemonade, bottled water and chronicle special coupons, as a child welfare facility on the 25th.

The winners also said, I am proud to have a break and interesting story for the staff who have a hard time on a hot day.

Meanwhile, ‘Chronicle’, which was released in Korea on the 16th, is the first MMORPG developed based on the global hit ‘Summers War’ IP.It is a differentiated content that emphasizes the combination and strategy of the three summoners and 350 summons. The company has achieved the top spot in the market and continues its early success.

Com2us is continuing to carry out various user communication campaigns, including the ‘Summon Coffee Tea’ event, to showcase the fun and fun of the summoned MMORPG ‘Chronicle’.

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