Add new raid, Summers War: Chronicle first update

Com2us announced on the 30th that it has launched its first content update to its new and summoned MMORPG “ Summers War: Chronicle ”, and added various contents including the new raid ‘Boiling Falls’.

‘Chronicle’ is the first MMORPG based on the global masterpiece, Summers War: Arena of Heaven, which has been popular in the world for more than eight years. It is characterized by a strategic fun that collects and nurtures 350 summoners and 350 kinds of personality.


The raid ‘Bureau Falls’, which was added through this update, is a cooperative play content that allows you to join forces with other users to defeat strong boss monsters and acquire special equipment.

It is played against the backdrop of the Lucuran Masan continent, and you can enjoy a high battle with the boss monster Naraka, which has a huge dragon. Taping the boss monster and clearing the ‘Dragon Fury’ equipment and the opportunity to produce the “ Horn Set of Flame ” can also be gained.

In addition, you can meet two kinds of new five-star summons, ‘Sun-in’ and ‘Raven’ by five attributes. The ship can be a magical/support type, which can cause strong damage to the opponent according to the properties, or to rob the strengthening effect on a large number of enemies, and Raven can cause high damage to a single target. In particular, Raven is the first original summoner who first appeared in Chronicle, the first Summers War IP game.

In addition, the pick-up summons, which can be easily met with two new summons, will be held from August 30 to September 20, and the tower of the attributes that can be entered at the perforated tower has also been extended to the 70th floor.

A variety of events will be held to commemorate the new update. First of all, if you kill Naraka and Naraka, the Ancient Naraka Event will be held until September 6th, and the Shinbi Summon event will be held until September 13th. If you access the game every day by September 4th, there will also be an access reward event that provides various items for summoning and growth. do. New content-related quiz events will be held from 11 am to September 5, August 30.

For more information on this update and various events of Chronicle, you can find it through the official Game Forum.