Stray: The spa takes benefit of the video game to raise understanding of desertion as well as fostering

When we saw the success of the Stray game, we right away assumed that this trend had to be placed at the service of the SPA and the countless deserted cats waiting for a household. By modeling these 5 cats, which are all 5 in an emergency situation, we provide them special visibility and also with them, we highlight the battle of the SPA for adoption and versus desertion.
They have taken care of more than 10,150 cats who are now waiting for a brand-new household. We are pleased to present five cats that we have actually accumulated as well as we wish that they will certainly become the ambassadors of the thousands of abandoned cats in our sanctuaries.


Created by the young French studio Bluetwelve (they are based in Montpellier), Stray not only attracted journalism with 83% standard on Metacritic, however additionally the gamers that approved it the average of 8.2/ 10 in customer note. We hope that the programmers prepare added content, the game being a little bit short (in between 4 hrs and also 6 hours of play), which other mods will certainly be included in those of the SPA.

Released on July 19, Stray promptly became a small summer phenomenon given that he includes a little pet cat which must find its means in a city with the Cyberpunk atmosphere. The spa as a result had enjoyable producing mods in order to be able to personify 5 stray cats (pastel, doc, little shrimp, zoya and also cuddles) genuinely existing in shelters and also which were designed in the video game. A way of their Provide exposure and advertise their rapid adoption, yet likewise a means of highlighting all cats waiting for a better life.