The very best assistance for Dendro

At the minute, none of all dendro supports in Gensin is unable to satisfy the function better than the DNEDRO variant of traveler thanks to its capability to regularly use the element and at the very same time increase the general primary control of your group. How should you develop the Dendro Traveler? To answer that and extra Here is the most effective Dendro Traveler support that develops on Gensin .

The best assistance for Dendro vacationers in Genshin Impact: Artefacts

If you intend to make use of the Traveler as support for flower structures, our main recommendation is to make use of a 4-piece Deepwood memories many thanks to its boost in the dendro damages as well as the ability to decrease the dendro resistance from opponents.

At the minute, the Dendro traveler’s finest assistance structure need to focus on raising his skills as a dendro application specialist, which shines in worsen and shedding structures. Hereafter is stated, our major political election for a team that concentrates on Aggerravate/Burning, the use of either a total noblesse oblige set, thanks to its team-oriented Ang lovers or that of a 4-piece The symbol of the separated destiny many thanks to its increase in both the ERN and also burst damage.

You can watch the best main data for each artifact item listed below:

It must be pointed out that our main referral is the use of A if you plan to utilize the traveler as a sub-DPS 4-part gold-plated desire set Since its 4-part effect allows you (if you the traveler make use of the only dendro unit) to win 150 EM.
| Flower of life : hp%.| Cloud of death : ATK%.| Sand from Ages: ATK%/ power recharge (it is only suggested for those that have not gotten to the threshold of 180-200 or who do not use teams with fish or the raid shogun).| Kelch from Eonothem : Dendro dmg bonus.| Ripe from Logos: ** Crit Rate/ Crit DMG

the most effective tools for the Dendro traveler

Given that it needs to be able to make use of both its Elemental Ruptured as rapidly as possible as well as to give the team lovers as soon as possible, our major recommendation is, preferably, making use of a 4-star sword Splintholzklinge (R5). The weapon has actually earned its area many thanks to its ER-SUBSSTAT as well as passive, which in R5 can provide their DPS at brief periods with as much as 120 EM.

Versus this background, the most effective tools for a Dendro traveler, including both the best 5-stars in addition to some F2P options:
| 5 stars: sky blade| 4-stars: Splintholzklingen (R5)/ Target Salvation/ Favonius sword/ blackening wish| F2P alternatives: ** Splintholzklingen/ Favonius sword

which talents are prioritized


Given that you have to utilize your essential abilities and also bursts in the battle, we advise that you focus on boosting your elemental abilities and after that in this order. To summarize it again, here is the order in which we recommend that you construct the talent of the Dendro traveler:

Important capacity > Primary eruption > Typical assaults.

finest teams for the Dendro Traveler

Taking your major strength right into account, even though you can include the Dendro Traveler right into a selection of make-ups, we currently advise that you use it in Catalyze compositions with an electro DPS, an EM/elemental damage support and also a therapist. After this has been claimed, you can take a look at a couple of groups below that will surely get the most effective out of the Dendro Traveler:

Genshin effect is presently offered for computer, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and mobile phones.

  • Keqing/Fischl + Dendro Traveler + Jean + Kaedhara Kazuha
  • Yae Miko + Dendro Traveler + Jean/ Kaedhara Kazuha + Raiden Shogun/ Fischl
  • Kuki Shinobu + Dendro Traveler + Saccharose + Albedo