What happens to the elves that go to Valinor in the rings of power?

The first episode of the Amazon Prime’s Tolkein spin-off begins more or less where the novels ended, with valed elves traveling to its mysterious homeland. OBJECTIVE What happens to the elves that go to Valinor in the rings of power? This is what you need to know.

What happens to the elves that go to Valinor in the rings of power?

To answer this question, we must first remind us of exactly what Valinor is: the homeland of the elves, a Pacific continent, almost utopian, where elves live for eternity. It is the paradise for the elves, basically, where the elves go once they have completed everything they wanted to achieve in Middle-earth. Remember that the elves originally came from Valinor, traveled to Middle-earth and then returned there once they won more or less their right of passage.

When we see Galadriel and his companions Elves sailing towards the bright Lights of Valinor, we are essentially witnessing a kind of mass death. The elves on the ship are basically succumbing to their destinations and returning to their homeland, to never be seen again. They are ascending, although technically not dying since they are immortal. In an interview with Decider, the JD Payne and Patrick McKay shows explain:

_ We also believe that there is something intriguing about the issue of death and immortality in Tolkien in general, and in the world of elves. You know, the elves are immortal, but they are only immortal. They have a kind of time limit in their immortality. And to achieve this, they have to return home, which is also like dying and going to heaven, and the ambiguities and layers inside that were something we accept. _


Ultimately, Tolkein never categorically explains what happens when you arrive in Valinor, only that the elves that return there never return. Obviously we know that the carriers of the ring venture there after having conquered Sauron at the end of return of the King, presumably as a reward for having saved the Middle-earth. However, they do not die upon arrival, and they simply live the rest of their days there (they are not granted any kind of immortality).

That should give a solid vision of What happens to the elves that go to Valinor in the rings of power? To get more useful information about the program, including how long the dwarves live, seek or see some of the related contents listed below.

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