Salmon 3 running guide to Splatoon 3

Splat on 3 is a multi-user game in which you can perform missions with the help of your friends. This, in turn, will increase the pleasure of the game. Splat on 3 has a EVE mode, which allows players playing a game with 4 friends. You can use this mode during the Salmon Run Next Wave mission in Platoon 3.

Salmon Run is a mission in which you will defeat different bosses to get golden eggs. To win each salmon boss, you will need its own strategy. Therefore, we compiled a complete leadership, which tells how to defeat all the bosses and complete the mission Salmon Running in Platoon 3.

What is salmon in Platoon 3

Salmon Run is one of many missions available in Platoon 3, which players can play. This mission can only be played in multiplayer mode with the participation of 1 to 4 players. Mr. Frizz will offer you to work in his company.

Your task is to defeat all salmon bosses and collect gold eggs that fall from the boss. Then throw the required number of eggs into the egg basket to complete the wave. Each boss will have three waves, and you will have 100 seconds to complete one wave.

The number of gold eggs that you need to throw into the basket of eggs depends on the complexity of the mission. If you are successively passing, your level of payment for the mission will also be a mission. Although, if you fail a mission, Mr. Gris will pay for the collected gold eggs.

The main weapon that you will use during Salmon Run will be randomly assigned to you from 11 types of weapons in Platoon 3. Splat Bomb will always be your auxiliary weapons in all waves. You will also receive two use of special weapons during Salmon Run.

how to unlock salmon

Salmon Run is a mission that you cannot play if your level is below 4. There are many ways to increase your level, for example, participating in multi-user matches. Not only are you rewarded with points for participation, but if you win, you will be more rewarded.

Your next task is to talk with Mr. Frieze in his store. To get to his store, you must go to all-paying in the multi-user arena. Then you will need to find a shop window with an orange sign in front.

Enter this store and go to the office of Mr. Pizza below, which is open around the clock and seven days a week. When you enter, Mr. Gris will meet you and offer to take part in Salmon Run training. As soon as you finish training, you can participate in Salmon Run with your friends.

Mr. Frizz randomly prescribes you any weapon from the list at the beginning of the mission. This means that you do not need to buy weapons for Salmon Run.

When you and your friends have trained, you can go to Mr. Rise’s store. Then select the option in the match menu to play with friends. Then you will enter the lobby, which your friends can also be included, and together start Salmon Run.

How to win all salmon bosses

Performing Salmon Run, you need to win a total of 11 main salmon bosses. 4 of salmon bosses have recently been released in Platoon 3, and the remaining 7 salmon bosses are already in the Platoon series.

You will also have to fight with the King Salmon boss, which will appear in the fourth round on any day of the mission. Each salmon boss differs in its own way, so you may need to fight each of them using your strategy.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of all salmon bosses in Salmon Run and ways to win them:

Fish Back

The fish wand is a boss, which is a pillar with many small salmon upstairs, which shoots in ink. Enemy salmon will shoot from above and control each movement of a fish stick.

Most of your weapons does not shoot so high in the air. Therefore, it is best to sprinkle the fish stick with ink and swim up. Once at the top, you must defeat all salmon to defeat the fish wand.

Flipper flopped

Flipper Flopped is a boss that can pass through enemy ink. He also jumps out of ink to make a jump with a stomach, putting the ring on the ground. You can block the path for its re-entering in ink, splashing the ink into the ring through your weapon.

Flipper Flopped will not be able to move on if you block the ring with ink. Then you easily shoot him from your weapon. This is because the Flipper Flopped armor will break when in contact with your ink.

slamming cover

Slamming ’Lid is a boss that looks like a giant pot with a lid. Like a tortoise in the shell, Slamming ’Lid also hides behind the lid when it is attacked. Then you must first attack it to cause a fall in the lid.

When Slamming ’Lid is in a state of fall, you can easily get into his radius of action without attacking. In the same way, you can go to the top of the cover to break its armor and, ultimately, break it.

Large shot

Big Shot is a boss with a gun that shoots cannon nuclei at the center of the card. As soon as the cannon nuclei shot, they will create two waves before they break. You can easily avoid the waves of balls with jumps.

Big Shot is a rather strange boss, because when he sees that we are approaching, he will run away to the sea. You must slap him before he planes your escape. As soon as it is defeated, you can use its gun to shoot gold eggs at the egg basket to preserve your ink.

Steal head

Steel head is a boss, which has a bomb on his head, and he moves very slowly. You can easily defeat a steel head by blowing a bomb on his head before it is launched. After the bomb explodes, it will instantly hit a steel head, as well as any of the salmon nearby.

Steel EG

Steel eel is a boss with a large steel eel, which is controlled by a salmon sitting from behind. He will discard enemy ink, wherever he goes, and you must check your environment before he caught you in a trap. The armor of steel eel is very strong, and our weapon will not destroy it.

The best strategy is to shoot in a pilot sitting on the back of a steel eel, sneaking up from behind. The steel eel will be able to pursue only one player at a time, leaving others a chance to pursue him from behind.


Scrapper is a boss on a small ink boat with an engine and a bunch of scrap metal upstairs as a reservation for protection. Breaking armor can be a little difficult and will take a lot of time. Usually Scrapper moves to smear the ink.

After the scrapper attack, healing the armor damage and stops to meet the attacker face to face. You can easily attack the driver behind Scrapper to slap him. The attack on the driver will break the armor, which will greatly simplify the entire process.

The sting

Stinger is a boss, similar to a friend with an eye on one eye, which allows him to attack in a radius of 10 feet. He will stand on the top of a tower consisting of pots put on each other.

As soon as you notice Stinger, following the green laser, you can easily hit it, attacking one pot at a time. As soon as the pilot falls to the ground, you can defeat it with just one shot from weapons.


Mouse is a boss capable of traveling underground and finding you with the help of Sonar. You can find it with the help of a sonar sticking out above the ground. He pops up to the ground when he sees his prey.

When finding the antenna is surrounded by a ring from the ground. This means that the wombs are about to get out of the ground to attack you. You can use this window to throw a grenade inside the ring.

If you cannot kill him with a grenade, you can still use any weapon to attack it before it falls to the ground.



Drizzle is a boss that can be disguised and defended by others under an umbrella. A difficult task is to find it. As soon as you are noticed, you can use the rocket to turn the umbrella upside down.

If you turn Drizzle, it will become vulnerable to attest from the outside. Then you can easily hit it with a weapon at your choice. A drizzle can shoot missiles that break in the air and cover the entire territory of the enemy ink.

flying fish

Fly fish is a boss that can fly in the air with two reactive satchels tied to the back. He can shoot missiles from the air, inside which there are enemy ink. You can attack it only when the reactive satchels do not work.

As soon as you noticed Fly fish, you can throw grenades into the jet satchels to blow them up. Your goal should be in the hole of the reactive satchel, otherwise the grenade will fall back to the ground. The explosion of jet satchels will instantly break Fly fish.

Royal Salmon

King Salmon id is a boss that looks like Maws and is a salmon king. There are three waves to defeat salmon bosses on any day during your Salmon Run mission. Royal salmon appears only once randomly during the waves of salmon bosses.

The royal salmon has a unique attack in which they throw their whole body into the air, and then fall to the ground. This will create a shock wave that can be avoided by jumping. The difficulty in the fight against royal salmon is that you should simultaneously fight with other salmon bosses.

The easiest way is to break the salmon boss first. Then focus on victory over the royal salmon, shooting or exploding.

Awards for Salmon run

You can earn a lot of awards by participating and completing the waves of Salmon Run.
After the successful completion of each wave of Salmon Run, you will be rewarded Gromyko glasses .
The victory over the royal salmon will reward you with additional awards in addition to the usual awards for the mission with fish scales.
Returning to Grizzly Industries, you can exchange your Grizzly glasses for various bonuses from your choice.
Players will also be rewarded with Salmon Run catalog glasses.