Fall Guys Season 2 – Trailer, Release Date, Details of the Satellite Fight

The popularity of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has grown since it has become free in June. Since more and more players come to test Battle Royale, developers constantly release content for the game. Fall Guys receives his second seasonal update after switching to a free game and contains more cards, game modes and cosmetics than ever.


Details of the game process fall guys season 2 Satellite Scramble

As the name implies, updating fall guys season 2 adds various rounds, obstacles and skins on space themes to the game. The update also adds the following new awards that can be unlocked by collecting glasses:

Cosmic bean nickname *-200 points
200 praise -300 points
Passport plate Satellite Explorer -500 points
Cosmic icons *-800 points
Satellite backpack *-1000 points

Here are some of the new rounds that will appear in the game satellite scramble of the second season:

  • Tiptoe finale
  • Star map
  • Space highway
  • Frantic factory
  • Pixel artists
  • Heroes of hyperdrive
  • Hexadecimal
  • Space race

fall guys season 2 Satellite Scramble Date

The 2 Satellite Scramble season for Fall Guys starts September 15 , that is, almost three months after the first seasonal fall in content. Although the initial patch will add most of the upcoming content, for the 2nd season there will be regular updates that will add more material and make changes.

seasonal subscription fall guys season 2 Satellite Scramble

Like any other seasonal update, fall guys season 2 adds a new seasonal subscription with various unlocked awards. The progression system will have 100 levels of objects, including costumes, emotions and celebrations. Costumes includes pock, mesomorph and Hatsune Miku. The seasonal subscription will also include several free awards for players who do not purchase a premium version of the subscription.

fall guys season 2 Satellite Scramble Trailer

Me diatonic, developer Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, shared the trailer for the second season Satellite Scramble. The video demonstrates some new space themes and cosmetic objects that will appear in the new seasonal update.

Stay with us in professional game guidelines to learn more about Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. In the meantime, read our article about all Destiny 2 skins for Fall Guys and the 11 best templates in Fall Guys.