Marvel future revolution

Nike, Marvel Joint Real World Super Hero Game Marvel World of Heroes released

-In the Disney & Marvel Game Showcase, Marvel and nike joint ar Mobile Game Disclosure

-The first Marvel game for the first time the player can be Marvel Super Hero


In the Disney & Marvel Game Showcase held at Disney’s 2022 D23 Expo, Marvel and Nike will collaborate to produce Marvel World of Heroes.

Marvel World of Heroes is an AR mobile game that combines Marvel Universe into the real world.

For the first time as a marble game, Marvel World of Heroes, where players can be Marvel Super Hero, plans to open a new chapter by expanding the game play to the real world that can only be made in the Nike game.

In this game, designed as a social game experience, the player confronts Marvel’s Super Bill an and the threat of dimensions with his friends and his famous Marvel’s colleagues. In Marvel World of Heroes, the player can create his own special superhero identity and unique story.

The player should patrol the surrounding area, block crimes, complete the superhero mission, and stop the threat of crossing the dimension. As the player’s level rises, the equipment and ability will be unlocked, and they become a team with Marvel’s superhero, fighting with the supervising and saving the multibus from the threat of space and earth.

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