Diablo IV test images are filtered online

It seems that last Sunday was the day of the leaks, since as many already know, images of the next great launch of Rockstar Games , GTA VI, were announced. However, this was not all, since a few minutes later videos and images of Diablo IV were released, set quite expected by the fans of Blizzard .

The footage appeared in the form of two videos uploaded to Files.fm, one of approximately five minutes and the other of about 38 minutes. Unlike the filtration of GTA VI, that seems to be the result of a hacking, the filtration apparently originated in a private transmission of Discord , which was recorded by one of its spectators.


In the images, notifications can be heard appearing in the background, while the first video includes a conversation between two spectators with modulated voices. The first spectator urges the other to see a user named Skye, asking Are you watching Skye at this time? Then the second spectator tries to guess which game is being played, with conjectures that include a new Witcher and Skyrim 2 .

The footage is a test version of the game. watermarks are clearly seen, in addition, certain objects have no texture. What is shown is the player exploring the world of the title as a barbarian character, with many tours through injured environments and some strong-looking fighting. The positive thing is that the title runs decently.

Remember that Diablo IV will go on sale in 2023 .