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Valorant: This is the story behind the participants of the International League of VCT Americas

After the announcement of the franchises arriving at Valorant the organizations prepared to enter the new leagues that will be in the format of the following year, the Lisa de las Americas is the largest tournament for the region where 10 teams will participate in order to consolidate as the best Of the three regions involved, in this league we will have the union of Na, Brazil and LATAM where we will see several representatives of each fighting to take the maximum glory.

One of the strongest regions

Starting from the northern part of the continent, the North America region has five contestants who seek to do their best to be able to put their renown, after seeing a great performance of several of the squads over the two years of the life of the Tactical Shooter of Riot Games , now we know the representatives of this region:

100 Thieves: an organization well positioned at the intersection between eSports, lifestyle and entertainment, which has become an icon of American eSports since its foundation in 2017. Directed by former professional, now general director Matt’ ‘Snapshot’ ‘Hang , 100t has redefined what can be an eSports brand: it has great content creators, clothes full of style and a competitive investment to consolidate in popular culture. Under the premise that nothing can be taken for granted, 100 Thieves continues to create unique and diverse campaigns that exemplify the heart of Valorant.

Cloud9: Founded in 2013, Cloud9 is one of the most recognized eSports brands in the world. The light blue color of C9 is synonymous with American greatness on the international scene, joining fans of the region with multiple titles year after year. In the beginning of the esports of valorant, Cloud9 demonstrated a deep commitment to the growth of the game at all levels, investing in an impressive squad for C9 Blue while formed by C9 White, one of the most dominant female schools of the eSports.

Evil geniuses: one of the oldest names of eSports that has overcome the passage of time. It emerged as an outstanding Star craft clan and became a multi-American American power. With an eye on the future, EG intends to boost the next generation of Valorant stars through its solid talent development program. With this, the organization guarantees that it will continue to be a power for future generations, creating opportunities for all players throughout the American continent, regardless of their origin.

NRG: Since 2016, NRG has established a great reputation for the creation of championship equipment and innovative content about lifestyle, which has helped the organization based in California to connect with its unconditional base of fans of millions. With the support of high-caliber investors, such as the NBA withdrawal superstar Shaquille O’Neal , NRG constantly organizes live events, meetings and watch parties, which has achieved one of the most authentic and greater influx of fans in eSports. With the transfer of the action of the VCT Americas to Los Angeles, NRG is perfectly located to attract more local fans.

Sentinels: If we enter the history of Valorant in North America, we can find Sentinels in the beginning. The excellence of Sentinels, a competitive and shameless force since the time of First Strike, expanded what was possible for the American eSports, attracting the support of emblematic players and devout fans who worshiped them all. Now, with the beginning of the era of international leagues, Sentinels will continue to drive the region and inspire a new generation of fans to believe in NA.

Argentina is present

From the lower part of the continent we have the LATAM region with two of the most emblematic representations that have had, from Argentine lands La Levant and the CLUB will be part of the most important tournament, with great results they will seek to repeat their achievements and create new ones in the Next events that are coming for the following year.


GRU Esports: Reference at the top of the esports of valorant since the launch of the game, GRU Esports has established the standard with which all other LATAM Valorant teams are measured. GRU’s success, which has had the investment of celebrities in the region as the legendary footballer Sergio ” ” Ague , has contributed not only to cultivate a vibrant base of followers within the Hispanic community in general, but also to capture new fans abroad that are captivated by the electric style of the team. With undeniable passion and talent that impregnate all aspects of the organization, it is expected that GRU eSports further consolidate its legacy among the best of the VCT Americas.

Leviathan: Another icon of LATAM (and the “ eternal rivals ” of GRU eSports), Leviathan has caused fury in the esports of valorant since its foundation in 2020. The Argentine organization has made its fans base grow with lush live events, organizing numerous watch parties and activations throughout the region. Thanks to an exciting international campaign, Leviathan catapulted the international scene, impressing fans with their precision and hunger for triumph, a tangible atmosphere that will guarantee that its players thrive in 2023.

The world champion returns well accompanied

Closing the 10 greats we have the representatives of Brazil that with the samba of their country they will make the rivals dance, here the current world champion is included who will defend their title before the other 9 rivals that are part of the League, Brazilians have been an important part of the history of shooting games demonstrating their great level, and now they have to give more fighting in this tournament.

Fury: Created in 2017, Fury was rising in the hierarchy of Brazilian eSports until becoming one of the most reliable competitive organizations in the region. With a constant presence in the SPF scene, fury is proud of its 360 approach for the development of players, which indicates the player’s mentality and the presence in the media as key ingredients for the success of his career. With high quality content such as documentaries, products, stores and fans centers throughout America, Fury has prepared its business for a greater international presence, since it plans to dominate the VCT in 2023.

Loud: They are the current world champions and perhaps no other brand in the eSports resonates as much as ** Loud., whose voice can never be extinguished. Inside and outside the game, Loud has given its fans many reasons to celebrate, providing its millions of improved content, custom activations and the reliable test that, from 2023, Brazil reigns as the most powerful region of Valorant of the world.

MIB: It is difficult to talk about Brazilian eSports without mentioning Mir. Founded in 2003, the history of MIB competitive and local superstars. Supported by one of the most faithful fans bases in the world, Miry has used its international fame not only to increase its scope, but to promote an inclusive community, investing in roads so that women and marginalized genres are successful at a professional level.

With the teams defined for the first edition of the VCT Americas we see that there is a very high level within the competition, starting because the loud champion is in the tournament The other participants have a great contender to win, without ruling out that Several of the participants have had great moments in international contests, remembering that the competition starts the following year.