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Black Squad Classic Global OBT

Dragonfly (030350) subsidiary DRAIN announced on the 29th that it will carry out authentic Military Online FPS (first-person shooting game) ‘Black Squad Classic’ OBT (Open Beta Service) at Infinity Market. Infinite Market is a Play to Earn (P2E) platform operated by DOMAIN.

The Black Squad Classic Open Beta Service will proceed indefinitely from 15:00 to official service. The Black Squad Classic is a P2E version of the NS Studio production ‘Black Squad’, which won the Korea Game Awards in 2015, and DRAIN was the Black Squad’s global P2E version publication. It is serviced all over the world except Korea, China and Singapore.

Among the open beta services, service stabilization and server and game optimization will be carried out. When the beta service ends, it will be officially commercialized within the year. However, item can be purchased with IMC ASH (I’m Cash) that charges cash during the open beta service.


DRAIN commemorates the Black Squad Classic’s open beta service to find a beta service open event ▲ Bug! ▲ Black Squad Classic, where do you know? ▲ Let’s have a black squad classic together! Various promotions are also operated at the same time.

The Beta Service Open event will be paid to 100 people, P-BST Coin, a black squad coin worth 100,000 won per person. Winners will be announced 30 days after the end of the open beta service.

‘Find Bug Event’ is a lottery to 50 people through a lottery for users looking for bugs or abusing elements. Infinity Stone is an NFT used in the Infinity Market.

The ‘Black Squad Classic, where do you know?’ Event will give 10 people with a 30% discount on Infinity Stone through a lottery for users who upload their own play know-how to the official Discord. The event will be held for two days until the 30th.

The event ‘Let’s have a black squad classic!’ Event will be held in the open beta period. The executives enter the game waiting room where they are open to the game and give the P-BST coin worth 20,000 won per person to the person who participated in the game.

An official of DRAIN said, The OBT end date will be announced through the official black squad, he said. We will guide you after the official service later.