Stove Indie released Stove Hot Week promotion in October

The indie game platform ‘Stove Indie’ operated by Smile gate Stove (CEO Han Jong-un) unveiled the ‘Stove Hot Week’ promotion in October, where you can buy indie games cheaper and receive various benefits every month.

‘Stove Hot Week’ is a promotion designed to focus on various benefits for a week from 1st to 7th every month, so that users can be more comfortable and easier for indie games. Stove Indie’s Stove Hot Week consists of eight discounts and promotions, including hot sale, hot deal and hot battle.

In October, the one-day deal corner ‘Hot Deal’, which offers the most popular indie game at a discount of up to 70%, is a discount corner ‘Hot Sale’, where you can meet various indie games at a discount of up to 60% throughout the week. It is. The 17% discount coupon and 10% bonus coupon for Hot Sale can be used to make a cheaper purchase.

In addition, the two games introduced in the Stove Indie YouTube entertainment , ‘The Coma 2: Risers Sisters’ and ‘Thunder: Eldritch Edition’ can be purchased at a discount of up to 53%. ‘Backpack Hero’, which is selected as a game, will be shown at a 50% discount.

It is expected to give users a more fun and richer game purchase experience through the hot wick, which has returned to more powerful benefits than last month.

Smile gate Stove AHN Sung said, Stove Indie is offering a Stove Hot Week that provides strong benefits and discounts every month so that more people can enjoy their support and enjoy indie games. I hope you will buy an indie game that you have been interested in and see a variety of indie games.

More information about Stove Hot Week can be found on the event page.